New Product: Rockit Portable Baby Rocker

by Bailey Bouwman

Tired of rocking your stroller to prevent the cries? Let the Rockit Portable Baby Rocker take over. Yes, you read that – a portable rocker for your stroller so you don’t have to always be jiggling to keep baby content. Talk about a game changer.

About the Rockit Portable Baby Rocker

Designed to rock any stroller, the Rockit is shaped like a rocket and provides a gentle 30 mintue rocking cycle. With up to 60 hours of battery life, you can use the Rockit inside or outside to keep baby content.


Get the most out of your Rockit 

Choose your speed: Simply press the button on the top and turn the dial on the bottom for your preferred rocking speed.

Mounting tips: The clever little bracket fits securely to tubes of different shapes and sizes. You simply click the Rockit into place as soon as you need it. The tighter the bracket, the more effective soothing movement you will get.

What about batteries? The Rockit takes 4 AA batteries. 60 hour battery life measured when Rockit was used vertically at the slowest speed. That’s an hour a day for 2 months.

Will it work on a carseat? The Rockit is not designed to work on car seats, but online reviews suggest it might work.

Try the Rockit Today!

The Rockit Portable Baby Rocker is now available at Nest & Sprout in Prince George, BC. We are you destination for everything maternity and growing our collection all things baby and kid.

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