New Product: Mushy Books

by Bailey Bouwman

With my first, I was that parent with all the journals and records of her child. Two kids later, I'm not that person - but that's okay, paper records are not for me, as evident by the collection of abandoned journals, calendars, and record keeping books on my night stand.

But, I know that many of you - and most likely you, want a beautiful baby book. I could have ordered simple baby journals and books from the book wholesaler, or general wholesale, but we a BC Baby Boutique. I looked for something special. Something unique. Something that was a little bit extra, and what I discovered was Mushy Books.

Image credit: Mushy Books

About Mushy Books

Mushy Books are baby journals and keep sakes for recording your parenting journey and the lives of your baby. Founded by Lesley Hobbs, Mushy Books are designed by a BC-based mama. 

Mushy Books shares "Our mission is to create stylish, modern baby books that you WANT to fill out. These keepsake books will be a cherished hand-me down in your family."

They seek to create record keeping spaces that are more than just pink and blue, more than cartoons and graphics, but something that is the modern baby. 

The Mushy Books baby books and baby journals are printed in Vancouver, BC Canada and hand-assembled by us.

Spiral Bound Journals - Baby Books

With three fresh looks the Mushy Books First Year Baby Journal is a classic baby book with a twist. A journal style memory book with wire-o binding for effortless turning and you can add photos of any size with ease. These books are availabe in three themes: Future All Star, the Sweetest thing & Farm Friends

Image credit: Mushy Books

Inkless Transter

I brought these in just because if I knew I could have inkless transfered my kids footprints nearly 5-6 years ago, I would have. Watching the videos and images of this product, I got a little teary eyed that I don't have footprint memories. So capture those footprints dear parent. You deserve these moments.

Image credit: Mushy Books

Now Available at Pine Centre Mall

Mushy Books surprised us and arrived this evening at our Prince George Baby Boutique located in Pine Centre Mall. 
Of course, if you can't make it to Pine Centre Mall this week, you can order online by visiting our online shop. We ship direct to you, or you can pick up in store.

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