New Product: Loomey

by Bailey Bouwman

When Bailey jumped in to help with ordering, she did so with two feet - and the Loomey was one of those items she was curious about bringing to Canada because of her role as a Cloth Diaper influencer and content creator... but she didn't realize she actually placed the order until arrived and now we have the Loomey - a must have cloth diaper dryer that can be used for anything in your house. 

About Loomey

Loomey was designed in 2020 Brisbane by a Mom and Dad who loved the idea of doing their part for the environment by using Modern Cloth Nappies. What they didn't realize at the time was that they hated the extra time spent on the washing line. Being a cloth family doesn't leave a lot of room on the line for much else, and we won't even get started on broken begs.

Fast forward a year of maternity leave and lockdowns, and Loomey is officially here! Made with a simple purpose - to give you more time to spend on the things that matter. You can attach your cloth nappies, liners, inserts or even socks and underwear to Loomey. 

Cloth Nappy Dryer

Loomey dryers are specifically designed for cloth nappy families, so amazing people spend less time at the washing line and more time with your family. It's simple to use, it saves space on the line, and you'll save money on your energy bill by switching from the tumble dryer to the Cloth Nappy Dryer!

Canadians might be familiar with using an octopus from Ikea, but we don't have an Ikea near us - so the Loomey Dryer is a fantastic addition to your laundry line to hang all the little things in your life with easy grips for gentle grabbing of all your favourite diapers.

More than diapers & nappies

The Loomey solves the struggle of drying laundry as a cloth diaper parent, but also for the rest of us looking for a simple strategy for tackling all the baby things. Use the Loomey to easily hang to dry socks, underwear, small baby clothes, bibs, washcloths, the list really goes on. This is a must have for the crunch eco-friendly family looking to reduce their energy consumption and hang clothing to dry with less pegs, less lost socks, and more ease of use. 

Check out these great photos of the Loomey in action on show you could use this laundry gadget for so much more. We can't wait to support you in loving your essentials for years to come with this latest gizmo. 

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