New Product: Lil Helpers Cloth Diapers

by Bailey Bouwman

Finally, the cloth diaper order has arrived in Prince George and we are so excited to bring a collection of Lil Helper's. As we grow our collection of bump and baby, cloth diapers and their accessories were a must-have. No longer do you have to order cloth diapers, swim diapers, or wet bags online, now you can stop into Pine Centre mall and bring home some diapers to try out.

Remember, cloth diapering isn't all or nothing. It's just on swap you can make on a day-to-day basis to reduce your waste, your diapering costs, and support small businesses like Lil Helpers.

Bonus: Cloth diaper author and blogger, https:/ is a resident part-time employee of Nest & Sprout Maternity at Pine Centre Mall. So, if you have cloth diaper questions, stop in and chat with her. She's a wealth of knowledge to kick start your curiosity into cloth diapering. 

Cloth Diaper Podcast

About Lil Helper

Designed by Rocket Scientists, Lil Helpers is a Canadian-owned and operated company based out of Ontario providing exceptional quality diapering products to parents around the world.

This Rocket Scientist was on a mission to create a product that worked for them as diapering dads, and that's who the all-in-two diaper was born. Over the years, the Lil Helper product line up has grown and so has the print selection.

Designed Canada, Made in China, Lil Helpers diapers are small Canadian business that we're proud to be stocking. To learn more, visit their website, or check Show 22 of the Cloth Diaper Podcast because Bailey was able to interview the owner for a fabulous low-down on the brand. 

Lil Helper Products we carry

In our first shipment of Lil Helpers cloth diapers we received diapers, wetbags and wipes. These are the essentials to get you started on making the switch to reusable products. 

We know that there are hundreds of different cloth diaper brands, and we choose Lil Helpers diapers because it's an easy-to-use diapering system that is a fantastic start for beginners to feel empowered and successful in their diapering journey.

  • Lil Helpers All In Two Diaper
  • Lil Helpers Swim Diaper
  • Lil Helpers Wet Bags
  • Lil Helpers Cloth Wipes

All In Two Cloth Diaper

The Lil Helper All In Two Cloth Diaper is an easy-to-use diapering system.

Sold with two  contoured snap-in inserts, this diaper is incredibly easy to put together, and fasten to baby. Fitting babes 8-35lbs (average), the Lil Helper diaper is durable product that will work for daytime, nap time, and maybe even nights (additional boosters available, if needed).

It provides you the simplicity of an all in one, with the functionality of a cover.  Because the inserts snap in and snap together, this diaper doesn't fall apart for caregivers, making it a go to daycare diaper for many families. 

But, seeing is believing. Come visit us at Pine Centre to see all the great features and functionality in this mighty diaper. 

Swim Diapers

The swim diaper is a must-have for all parents, regardless of your diapering choice. This simple product is one-size fits most with adjustable snaps to give you a snug fit around baby's diapering region.

Line with athletic wicking jersey, this trim fitting swim diaper will make baby comfortable all day at the pool. Designed to just catch the solids, you won't worry about the diaper filling up with water or leaking. Strong elastics line the legs to give you that perfect seal, and when soiled you simply shake the poop into the toilet, give it a rinse, and wash with the rest of your swim wear. 

Lil Helpers Wet Bags

We've brought int two choices: the dual pocket dry/wet bag and the large drawstring wet bag.

The dual pocket dry/wet bag is perfect on-the-go bag to keep dirty diapers contained, or anything sticky and wet. These are perfect for diapering on the go, changes of clothes, or sorting just about anything. Designed with PUL, and featuring double handles, and double zippered pockets, you'll be the talk fo the down with this product on your stroller. 

The large drawstring wet bag holds 15-20 dirty cloth diapers and is an excellent addition to your nursery or laundry room for storing the dirty diapers. At home, a well-ventilated bucket or bin can belied with this bag and provide the airflow that keeps smells down. 

Cloth Wipes

Ditch the disposable, and use these Terry-cloth wipes as an easy way to clean bums, faces or hands on the go and at home. These sturdy little clothes are perfect for anyone, but make the switch to cloth just that much cuter.

Now Available at Pine Centre Mall

Visit us at Pine Centre Mall today to check out our latest collection of cloth diapers, and more. We're excited to help you and provide you with the opportunity to see a cloth diaper in real life. It's surreal, and really that easy.

You can also pick up a copy of Bailey's book, the Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapers to simplify your diaper learning journey.

Cloth diapers out of reach financially? We know the upfront cost is a sticker shock which is why many have moved to advocating for part-time cloth diapering as a way to reduce costs, reduce the stress, and integrate cloth. But we also have a fantastic local service supporting families in need. Cloth for a Causer provides diapers to families across Northern BC. They are always looking for new families and gently used products to distribute.

Cloth for a Cause - Serving Northern BC

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