New Product: Cuddle + Kind

by Bailey Bouwman

Or affectionately known as that brand that I always see on social media - yes, we have those incredibly adorable teddies/stuffies that you see on Instagram! This week we welcomed Cuddle + Kind to Prince George, with a small selection of hand knit animals in both big and little sizing for you.

Now, these aren't just any teddy bears, hand knit dolls, or stuffs for your kids, they are incredibly luxurious, heirloom quality stuffs. And I debated for weeks on whether this was something we needed in our shop --- but after chatting with many of you who were gifted these beautiful animals for your babes, and then sneaking a peak at them first hand - it became obvious that Cuddle + Kind is a  must have essential for Northern BC parents. 

This is the perfect gift from someone who loves someone.

About Cuddle + Kind

With a background in health, we recognize the crucial role nutrition plays in a child's development. As parents, we believe all children should have enough food to eat and the opportunity to thrive, so when we saw a documentary on the devastating impact of childhood hunger on millions of children around the world, it inspired us to help. On that day, we decided to start a company whose purpose is to help improve the lives of children and to make a difference.

We created cuddle+kind because we wanted to make beautiful hand-knit dolls that help feed children. So for every cuddle+kind doll sold, we give 10 meals to children in need

Sustainable Manufacturing
Ever doll is lovingly handcrafted by incredible women artisans in Peru and Nepal, providing them with a sustainable, fair trade income.

Hand Knit Dolls for Baby 

With dozens of dolls to choose from, we brought in a few that we hope you'll love. You can shop for Cuddle + Kind online or visit us at our Prince George, BC location at Pine Centre Mall. 

The quality and craftsmanship does not disappoint, and just like our collection from Ollie & Ella, we are thrilled to continue to offer you the perfect additions to your nursery for your baby.


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