New Product: Books

by Bailey Bouwman
Nest & Sprout is growing - we're expanding our collection to bring you everything you need for baby, parenting, and more. We want you to feel supported, empowered, and encouraged to be the best version of yourself through this challenging wild ride that is becoming a parent. And to do that, we're bringing in books.

  • Books for your kids - books we love and we know you'll love for your baby and you big kids.
  • And books for you - books that can support you and help you through your parenting journey. 
  • And books from local authors - if you're a local author who wants to be in our shop, send us an email. We want you on our shelves.

Books for kids

My mother is someone who collects the most interesting book collection for my kids - she seems to find the most interesting activity books and busy books on the market. So I funnelled my inner grandma and ordered some books that might intrigue and fascinate you with their flaps, and moving parts. Now I know this is dangerous because these books will break - but a little tape and glue, and the love is strong. 

The book that I'm most excited to bring in is these water bath books. Early in my first pregnancy, I had a friend gift me a bath book with little penguins. And I can remember as a new mom thinking what is this... but it turned out to be one of my favourite gifts. Actually, thinking about this friend gave the best books as gifts including a few other puppet books. Maybe we'll order puppet books.

About these bath books - these bath books change colour when they are wet. So bathtime is a fun experiment in getting these books to tell the story they were meant to share. 

Books for preserving time

We love to make fun of journals... the things we buy for our first baby and then never use again for our subsequent babies. Journals are fantastic way to keep record of your baby's story, and your story. 

Books for Parents

Adding a few best-sellers and our personal favourite books that helped us navigate parenting, motherhood and beyond. 

Books from local authors

Prince George authors shine our shelves sharing their experience and wisdom with the parenting community in Northern BC.  They help you navigate everything baby and parenting. 

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