New Product: Beluga Baby

by Bailey Bouwman

Baby carriers - an industry that has changed since I had babies. When I had my babies, Tula dominated the scene, but they pulled out of retailers during the pandemic. I had a Lenny Lamb myself, and became quickly fascinated with complex blends and delicate weaves by boutique brands internationally, let's not talk about how much money I've spent on carriers in the past 7 years.

With Bailey's ownership of Nest & Sprout she is proud to bring in a new brand and product: Beluga Baby. Beluga Baby is a Vancouver-based company, and while I haven't used it, it's a name that so many of you drop when you inquire about products we have, or products you want us to have. So, here we go - with a small stocking of Beluga Baby wraps and carriers. 

About Beluga Baby

I remember Beluga Baby entering the market shortly after I had my babies. They started with a stretchy wrap - which is basic go-to baby carrier for newborns, new parents, and all that new goodness in your life. Designed by a BC mom looking to find some work-life balance, the Beluga Baby is a custom four way stretch fabric designed by a woman who wanted to have that flexible in movement in carrying her baby. 

Today, the Beluga Baby wrap is loved by Canadian parents around the world. Recently, they released a buckle carrier, or soft-structured carrier. This is a fantastic choice for the next stage of bigger kid baby wearing. We have a demo model in store, and you're more than welcome to try it on and find your comfor.t 


Benefits of Baby Wearing

Made from sustainable bamboo fabric with a unique four-way stretch, this super soft baby wrap soothes gas and colic, comforts your baby, promotes bonding, and reduces crying by over 40% in the newborn days to one year (science!).


The Beluga Baby Wrap

Available in a multitude of neutral and fun prints/patterns, including solids, the Beluga Baby is a breathable stretchy wrap that is less bulky and easy to tie on. Made with sustainable bamboo fabric with four way stretch, this is easy for nursing, easy for taking on any tasks. 

Carry your little one close to your heart, hands-free! So go ahead, text your BFF, make yourself some toast, and find a little more peace in the newborn days and beyond. 

Suitable for babies newborn to 25 pounds. Made in Vancouver, Canada.

The Beluga Buckle

Eventually, your baby will be too big for a stretchy wrap - enter the Beluga Buckle carrier for kids 15-50lbs. 

The Beluga Buckle is the perfect “next step” carrier for when your baby grows out of The Beluga Wrap. The Beluga Buckle from Beluga Baby generally works from six months of age to four years. It can be worn on your front or your back, giving you your hands free while comforting and calming your baby or toddler.

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