Must-Have Baby Hair Accessories in Canada: A Complete Guide

by Bailey Bouwman

When it comes to styling your little one's hair, having the right accessories can make all the difference. The search for the perfect bow is a common quest at Nest & Sprout - especially for excited Aunts and Cousins who want spoil their new littles!

If you've ever stopped into our Prince George location, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the options - why so many different types of clips and bows? They each have their own purpose - the shape of the bow is just a personal aesthetic option. 

In this blog post, we will explore the top must-have baby hair accessories in Canada.

6 Types of Baby Hair Accessories in Canada

From adorable mini clips to trendy headbands, we've got you covered with a variety of options that are not only stylish but also practical depending on the age of your child, and how much hair they may have (or not have!)

The Mini Wisp: for babies with fine hair or minimal hair. 

Mini Latch Clips are a game-changer for babies with fine or minimal hair. The silicone grip and interlocking combs ensure a secure hold, so your little one's hair stays in place. These clips are not only functional but also adorable with sewn-in bows in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles, making it hard to choose just one! Shop the collection fo Mini Wisps. 

for babies with fine hair or minimal hair.

Medium Wisps: a slightly bigger mini wisp for fine hair

As your baby's hair grows, the Medium Wisps Clips become the perfect accessory. With the same reliable design as the Mini Wisps, these clips hold back more hair while providing a comfortable fit. Find the style that complements your little one's personality and outfits. Shop the Collection of Medium Mini Wisps. 

a slightly bigger mini wisp for fine hair

Nylon Bow Headbands: easy & effortless choice for newborns & toddlers

For a soft and lightweight option, the Nylon Bow Headbands are a go-to choice. Stretchy and gentle on your baby's head, these headbands come in various bow styles, allowing you to complete your baby girl's outfits effortlessly. They are suitable for newborns, toddler girls, and even school-age children. Find these in our headband collection.

Must-Have Baby Hair Accessories in Canada

Wide Headbands: for that fuller coloured/pattern look

Add a touch of fashion to your baby's look with the Big Bow Headbands. These thicker banded headbands wrap around your baby's head, creating a trendy and cute style. The material and width options give you the freedom to choose the perfect headband to match your little one's attire. Find these in our headband collection.

Must-Have Baby Hair Accessories in Canada

Snap Clip Bows: simple barrettes

If you prefer a barrette-style clip, the Snap Clip Bows are an excellent choice. There are variety of snap clip bows including those that are wrapped in ribbon,  and different sizes. All use stainless steel clips that provide a secure and fashionable hold to hair.  Shop the collection of snap clips. 

Snap Clip Bows

Alligator Clips: for your bigger kids with hair!

Designed for toddler girls with more hair, Alligator Clips are perfect for creating adorable hairstyles like pigtails or side-swept bangs. The clips feature a unique alligator mouth design, ensuring a secure grip on your little one's hair. Choose from a variety of bow styles to match your child's preferences. Shop the collection fo Alligator Clips

Must-Have Baby Hair Accessories in Canada: A Complete Guide

Accessory Description Suitable Hair Type Attachment Type Size/Dimensions Age Recommendation

Mini Wisps

Mini Wisps

Mini Latch Clips with silicone grips and sewn-in bows or flowers. Provides a secure and long-lasting hold. Fine or minimal hair Comb style clip 23mm long, 9mm wide Newborns to toddlers

Medium Wisps

Size up from Mini Wisps Clips. Provides a comfortable hold for babies and toddlers with more hair. Babies and toddlers with more hair Comb style clip Varies Babies to toddlers

Nylon Bow Headbands

Soft and stretchy headbands with bows. Lightweight and won't leave marks on baby's head. Newborns, toddler girls, school-age children Elastic headband Varies Newborns to school-age

Big Bow Headbands

Headwraps that wrap around the baby's head, adding a fashionable look. Babies and toddlers Elastic headband Varies Babies to toddlers

Snap Clip Bows

Bows attached to stainless steel ribbon-wrapped snap clips. Provides a secure hold. Varies Snap clip 30mm (varies by size) Toddlers and up

Alligator Clips

Clips with a unique alligator mouth design, perfect for creating various hairstyles. Toddler girls with more hair Alligator clip Varies Toddlers and up


Finding the right baby hair accessories in Canada can be an exciting and fun experience. Whether you opt for Mini Wisps, Nylon Bow Headbands, or Alligator Clips, each accessory offers its own unique features and styles.

Remember to consider your baby's hair type and comfort when selecting the perfect hair accessories. With this guide, you're ready to make your baby's hairstyles even more adorable and fashionable!

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