Best Maternity Leggings & everything you want to know about leggings

by Bailey Bouwman

 You say you want maternity leggings, and I ask you more questions because we have so many different types of maternity leggings at Nest & Sprout in Pine Centre Mall. We have maternity leggings that you can’t buy anymore; we have maternity leggings everyone loves, and we have maternity leggings to take on your next athletic moment. 

Maternity leggings are a fantastic investment in your maternity wardrobe because they provide you with a simple, sleek look that you can dress up or down for work, the couch, or your next Framework Fitness class.

 That said you might be still asking yourself these frequently asked questions about maternity leggings.

Do you really need maternity leggings?

Every body is different, and some expecting parents don’t need to buy maternity-specific clothing, but others will find comfort in maternity leggings. Maternity leggings can offer both support, coverage, and adjustability in their design for your growing body to ensure that you don’t feel restricted. 

Maternity leggings can be worn postpartum providing you with similar comfort in their day-to-day as your postpartum body adjusts back. Many styles can be folded down if you don’t’ want such a high rise on your torso. 

Is it safe to wear leggings during pregnancy?

Yes, you can continue to wear leggings or tights during your pregnancy. As before, choose clothes that fit your body and don’t construct or feel painful. Maternity leggings can be a great choice for this reason by providing you with addition sizing to cradle your growing body and provide you support when you need it.


How are maternity leggings different?

Maternity leggings and regular leggings are different in how the waist band is constructed. Generally, a maternity legging will offer a wider, taller waist band that is more suitable for a bump.  Some maternity leggings will have a lower cut seam that lies under the belly, instead of higher up on the waist.

This waist band can be folded down to support the belly in postpartum. Aside from that, there is generally few differences in construction and maternity leggings can be a great comfort item for postpartum.

What size legging should I buy when pregnant?

Generally, you should continue to buy your pre-pregnancy size in maternity clothes. Most maternity clothes fit true to size, and will support you as your body changes. Some brands may fit differently and you will want to reference the size chart.

For example, we find both Hello Miz and Ripe Maternity leggings to fit true to size. However, Movemama apparel leggings fit small, and typically recommend sizing up one or two sizes.


Our Favourite Maternity Leggings in Canada

The Essential Organic Cotton Maternity Legging

This classic legging is our-go to recommendation for most expecting parents because it’s a basic legging without the fills and with the everyday comfort. Made with organic cotton, and designed by Ripe Maternity, the Essential Maternity legging is available in XS to XXLarge and provides a true size fit.


Activewear Maternity Legging

This activewear legging from Movemama Apparel is quickly becoming a favourite amongst our moms thanks to it’s all over fit and compression. Most parents size up, one or two sizes, for the best maternity fit, but styled with a sleek pocket and a high waist, these maternity leggings give you everything you dream of in a activewear legging.


Not a legging, but just as comfortable: the maternity jogger

This maternity jogger from Hello Miz, is a fantastic contender in the legging category giving you comfort with it’s looser fit that sometimes the maternity body wants to wear. These are an all-time favourite at our maternity boutique in Prince George, and continue to be re-ordered to give you the all day comfort in you deserve as an expecting mom. 

Also available in grey.


Other maternity leggings


Do you have a favourite maternity legging?

To shop more maternity, visit our online shop or come to Pine Centre Mall in Prince George, BC. We carry everything maternity, postpartum and baby to help you through your parenting journey. 


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