Maternity Clothes Versus Regular Clothes

by Bailey Bouwman

What features make maternity clothes unique?

Are you wondering why you should invest in maternity clothes? Yes, you could just continue to wear your regular clothes for your pregnancy, but they might stop fitting or not feel as comfortable. Regular clothes are not designed for your body to change - and you might stretch them out, and they might not return to the same condition as pre-pregnancy.

  • Extra fabric in all the right places – like your midsection and not your shoulders
  • Rouching along the sides so that bump can keep on poppin’ 
  • Cuts and styles that flatter and fit your changing shape 
  • Soft breathable fabrics that keep you cool, comfortable and (hopefully) less sweaty 
  • The kind of stretch that still fits you even when you retained ALL THE WATER in one day  

These little changes in maternity clothes give you more comfort and adaptability as your body changes and grows. Many items are not just for maternity, but also designed for the postpartum period to give you continued comfort and ease-of-access for breastfeeding


Nest & Sprout Maternity's Special Touch

I spend lots of time selecting styles and designs that will still fit and flatter you well after pregnancy. That stretch and ruching that grew with your beautiful bump, will also shrink with you. It’s unlikely you will hop back in to your pre-pregnancy clothes the week after baby. No one but you (maybe your partner) is going to know you are rocking those maternity clothes months after baby while your body settles and shifts back to normal… whatever normal is.

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