Introducing Nest Designs' New Pantone Collection: The Perfect Blend of Style and Sustainability

by Bailey Bouwman

One thing that Nest & Sprout is working hard on is bringing you the latest in greatest from brands whether it's the new collection from LouLou Lollipop, or this new colour palette from Nest Designs.

This past month, Nest Designs released their new Pantone Collection, featuring a range of products made from their signature Avo fabric - 50% rayon from bamboo, 25% avocado, 30% cotton. And if like me, you're like what is Avo fabric, it's an eco-friendly fabric is a blend of bamboo, avocado, and cotton fibers that are soft, breathable, and gentle on the skin. Yes, you heard that right, avocado fibres. 

I looked into how avocado fibres are made into a textiles, and this is what I could find out... not much, but we do know how you can turn things into a cellulose fibre for textile creation and this usually involves mashing or drying something up that is the processed into a cellulose-based material using a closed-loop manufacturing process, which means that water and chemicals are recycled and reused, reducing waste and environmental impact. It's likely they use the skins and/or the seeds of the avocado, but I'm not certain.

I can say with confidence, now that the material is in house that the resulting avocado fiber is soft and silky to the touch, with a texture similar to bamboo or rayon. The avocado fabric is then blended with other fibers, such as bamboo and cotton, to create a high-quality and sustainable material that can be used in a range of products - and I am totally thinking of ordering myself a pair of adult pyjamas direct from Nest Designs because of how incredible this collection is.

One thing I love about Nest Designs is the brand's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Nest Designs is ECO CERT certified, meaning that their products are produced using environmentally friendly practices and organic standards. This certification provides assurance to customers that they are making a conscious and responsible choice when choosing Nest Designs products.

The Pantone Collection features a range of products, including adult pajamas, basics loungewear for children, and two products now stocked by us, the Bamboo Jersey Sleeveless Sleep Bag and Bamboo Jersey Short Sleeve Romper (available in two colours: Harbor Grey and Bellini).

The Bamboo Jersey Sleeveless Sleep Bag comes in playful hues of Pantone Bellini, Pantone Harbor Grey, and Pantone Sunset Gold, with a 0.5 TOG rating perfect for the hot summer days ahead. The sleep bag is breathable, moisture-wicking, and has a 2-way zipper for easy access during diaper changes. The protective zipper flaps ensure your little ones stay safe while sleeping.

This is the perfect sleep bag for parents looking for a Canadian alternative to Kyte Baby and still want the premium softness of bamboo with classic solids for their nursery mood. 


The Bamboo Jersey Short Sleeve Romper is also perfect for the summer days ahead. Made with Nest Designs' signature Avo fabric, this romper is buttery soft, cool to touch, breathable, and hypoallergenic - making it perfect for bubs’ with sensitive skin issues like eczema. With cute faux pocket detail and snaps from top to bottom, it is the perfect daytime outfit.

And while I know snap rompers can be contentious for some families, they are also loved by many more for their simplicity of use without having to always use a zipper. These rompers will be absolutely perfect for frolicky in the summer heat for babies and toddlers (yes, available into a size 2/3T!)



The new Pantone Collection from Nest Designs is the perfect blend of style and sustainability, with a commitment to eco-friendly practices and organic standards. We also restocked your new favourite sleep bags - this cotton long sleeve (Removable) 1TOG sleep bag in Hare and Puppy Dogs! Additional coordinating accessories were also brought in, and as always you can shop our basics collection in store or online. 

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