Introducing Hedgehug Shoes: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style for Your Little Ones

by Bailey Bouwman

Have you heard about the latest addition to Nest & Sprout's shop? After following this brand on the 'gram for a few months, we're excited to have Hedgehug Shoes now available at Nest & Sprout. These are the absolute cutest shoes on the planet and we're madly in love with the entire collection. 

Hoppy, the adorable leather baby shoe, is the perfect gift for the little one in your life. With its charming design and comfortable fit, it's sure to add a spring to their step, even if they're not walking yet.​
Hoppy, the adorable leather baby shoe, features a charming bunny design and comfortable fit, it's sure to add a spring to their step, even if they're not walking yet.

Now, some people might ask, "why do babies need shoes? I'm one of those people. I mean, they're not even walking yet!" And it's true, babies don't necessarily need shoes for walking. But there are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider getting your little one a pair of Hedgehugs Shoes.

For one thing, shoes can help keep your baby's feet warm and protected, especially when they're outside or being carried around in a baby carrier or even chilling in their stroller (or Veer Cruiser). And because Hedgehugs Shoes are designed with soft soles, they allow your baby's feet to move and flex naturally, no matter what they are doing. This is important for healthy foot development, and can support early walkers as they stand and move about during that first year of life. 

 Featuring a chic twist on a classic runner design, The Sam adds a pop of wow to any outfit.

Another is that Hedgehugs is a family-run business based in Montréal. Designed in Quebec, these baby shoes blend of style and substance. They understand the importance of ethically-made and consciously-operated products, which is why our shoes are made with care and attention to detail.

Hedgehugs Shoes start at size 1 which is perfect for newborns, and go to a size 4 which likely fits 12-18 months depending on your Childs foot size. Check out the sizing chart to compare your child's foot measurement for the best fit. 

Hedgehugs Shoes Size Chart

But perhaps the biggest reason to get your baby a pair of Hedgehugs Shoes is simply because they're so darn cute! There's something about tiny little shoes that just makes your heart melt, and with Hedgehugs Shoes there's styles for everyone! We currently have just three options in the shop, but these classic designs are perfect for your littles. 

The Ollie features a leather (Toffee/Olive) or suede (Biscuit) upper, a microfiber insole, and a suede sole, ensuring a soft and comfortable feel for your baby's delicate feet.​

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