Introducing Footed Sleep Sacks: The Ultimate Comfort for Your Little Ones

Let’s talk about footed sleep sacks. It’s a little different than a traditional sleep sack, and overhearing a few conversations in store, maybe a little contentious? Nonetheless, this years parents have been asking me to bring in a footed sleep sack for their winter toddlers and we’ve brought in this 2.5 TOG footed sleep sack from Nest Designs for the winter.

Guess what? Footed sleep sacks don't have to end in the winter! We now carry sleep suits for all season, with light weight options to keep your toddlers and preschool kids comfortable all year. 

2.5 TOG Raglan Bamboo Long Sleeve Footed Sleep Bag

As your trusted destination for high-quality sleepwear designed with your child's comfort and safety in mind, Nest & Sprout has been busy sourcing only the best footed sleep sacks and winter sleepwear for your family. Whether you're located in Prince George, BC or elsewhere across Canada, we understand that selecting sleepwear is essential for ensuring a peaceful night's rest. 

What is a Footed Sleep Sack?

A footed sleep sack, also known as a toddler sleep sack or wearable blanket or sleepsuit or walker sleep bag (seriously the terminology is everywhere), is a versatile sleepwear option that combines the cozy warmth of traditional sleep sacks with the freedom of movement that active toddlers need. 

These specially designed sleep sacks feature leg holes, making them the perfect solution for parents who have little ones on the move or those who prefer sleepwear that adapts to their child's active sleep habits. It’s kind of like a thermal regulated sleepwear.  It does come in a variety of styles with each brand doing its own unique take on the design from sleeveless, to sleeved, and beyond.

 This is the Nest Designs Footed Sleep Bag (currently available in 2.5 TOG prints). It features all the great add ons of a sleeper but in a sleep bag format. Unlike the Kyte Baby Sleep Bag Walker it has sleeved arms and stretchy side panels for premium comfort. 


Who uses a footed sleep sack?

Footed sleep sacks are tailored to cater to the unique needs of toddlers and young children. As your child grows and becomes more mobile, their sleepwear requirements evolve too. Traditional sleep sacks have served you well, but now, as your little one takes those first steps or enjoys some late-night giggles and is moving into a toddler bed, it's time to transition to a sleep solution that adapts to their active lifestyle.


Why Choose a Footed Sleep Sack?

So, why should you choose a footed sleep sack for your child? The answer is simple: it combines the best of both worlds. Your child will experience the snug comfort and warmth they're used to with traditional sleep sacks while enjoying the freedom to stand, play, or simply stretch those tiny legs.

Some families choose to continue using traditional sleep sacks for walkers because it can prevent them from crawling out of the crib. Walker Sleep Bags are best designed for kids who are now in their own bed on the floor. 

Some families hold the perspective that a sleep sack might hinder transition to a blanket later on in life. This doesn’t appear to be a verified perspective, and choosing to use a sleep sack, or footed sleep sack, is going to rely on personal preference. Footed Sleep sacks like the one from Nest Designs is available in a wide size range with options for kids 5-6 years old. This could be ideal for families with sensory kids, or kids who just love that all over body warmth.

Whether your little explorer is practicing standing, taking their first wobbly steps, or just loves to move around in their sleep, a footed sleep sack offers the perfect balance of warmth and mobility. Plus, it provides you with peace of mind, knowing your child is safe and secure, even in the most spirited nighttime adventures.

Nest Designs 2.5 TOG Footed Sleep Sack: The Ultimate in Comfort and Safety

This year, we’ve brought you the Footed Sleep Sack from Nest Designs. If you tried the Sleep Suit from Loulou Lollipop last winter - you’ll love Nest Designs. Two equally amazing BC based companies that deserve spots in your kids dresser. This soft and warm sleep bag is the perfect sleepwear solution for little adventurers who love to roam and explore but aren't quite ready for a big kid blanket.



Key Features:

  1. Silky Smooth Bamboo Cotton Blend: this Footed Sleep Sack is made from a luxurious blend of bamboo muslin and cotton, providing a silky-smooth feel on your child's sensitive skin. Bamboo muslin is not only incredibly soft but also breathable and thermal regulating, ensuring your child stays comfortably warm without overheating.
  2. Plush Sorona Filling: For those colder winter nights, their wearable sleep sack features a plush Sorona filling. Sorona is an eco-friendly material that adds extra warmth and plush softness to keep your child snug and cozy.
  3. 2.5 TOG Rating: this Footed Sleep Sack is designed for winter use, with a 2.5 TOG rating suitable for rooms with temperatures ranging from 16 to 20 degrees Celsius (61-68 degrees Fahrenheit). This ensures your child remains comfortably warm throughout the night. Learn more about understanding TOG
  4. Two-Way Zipper: We know that late-night diaper changes can be a challenge, so we've designed our sleep sack with a convenient two-way zipper. This feature makes diaper changes a breeze without disturbing your little one's sleep.
  5. Protective Zipper Flap: The zipper includes a protective flap with snaps to prevent any pinching or discomfort to your baby's skin while zipping up the sleep sack.
  6. Fold-Over Ankle Cuffs: Their Footed Sleep Sack includes fold-over ankle cuffs, designed to cover those tiny toes and keep them warm during the night.
  7. Stretchy Side Panels: To provide a comfortable fit for your active child, our sleep sack features stretchy side panels that allow for freedom of movement while ensuring your child stays securely covered.

Exploring Sleep Options: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Child's Winter Nights

In the world of children's sleepwear, the Nest Designs Footed Sleep Sack shines as a versatile and cozy choice, offering warmth and freedom of movement for your little one during those chilly winter nights. It’s a Canadian favourite for those looking for a quality, durable wearable sleep bag for bigger kids. Competing with sleep suits and walker bags, this Footed Sleep Bag offers a silky smooth comfort with warmth and functional design features for comfort and safety.

But, as with any sleep solution, it's important to remember that what works best for one child might not be the perfect fit for another. While footed sleep sacks offer a fantastic combination of comfort and mobility, they may not suit every child's sleep preferences or developmental stage.

For those looking for alternative sleep options, we've got you covered with other great products from Nest Designs. Our sleepwear collection now includes Nest Designs organic cotton two-piece pajama sets, keeping your child warm and cozy all winter long. And if you're considering transitioning your child into traditional sleepwear and a blanket, they offer a range of blankets for kids in various weights, directly from Nest Designs. Our current blanket selection is aimed at baby's and might not be the right choice. We can bring in Nest Designs blankets and accessories upon request. 

At Nest & Sprout, we understand that every child is unique, and their sleep needs may change over time. That's why we strive to provide a diverse range of sleep solutions to cater to your child's evolving preferences and comfort requirements.

Did you know we carry toddler and kid pillows? Seriously, check out our selection of new arrivals, and nursery must-haves.

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