Introducing Bibs Bottles: The Perfect Choice for Prince George Parents

by Bailey Bouwman

You've requested them, and they have arrived - Bibs Bottles. Available in two sizes, the bibs Bottle is carefully designed to be the perfect choice for your family. 

For over a year, Bibs Pacifiers have been a local best seller - and as more families in Prince George discover Nest & Sprout we've been able to grow bringing you different products and options. Visit our coming soon collection to see incoming products, and our New Arrivals for things that are already on the shelf. 

Let's dive into why these bottles are a game-changer:

Safety at Its Core: Bibs Bottles are crafted from borosilicate glass, ensuring durability and resistance to high temperatures. Bonus: with glass no worry about microplastic.

Colic-Free Feeding: Say goodbye to colic concerns. Equipped with an anti-colic valve, Bibs Bottles provide a serene feeding experience by letting air escape, reducing discomfort for your baby.

Breastfeeding Emulation: The round nipple made from natural rubber latex replicates the breastfeeding experience, with a slow flow ideal for newborns.

Adaptability as They Grow: With different flow rates – slow, medium, and fast – Bibs Bottles grow with your baby, catering to their evolving feeding needs. We got our first request for nipple replacements, and have them arriving this February! Need something different, just ask. 

Personalized Style: Customize your feeding experience with the Mix & Match concept. Combine Bibs Bottles with your favorite BIBS pacifier colors for a set that suits your style. Bibs Bottles are available in a variety of colours, with different replacement parts to help you ensure you've got the pieces you need, when you need them. 

Durable and Reliable: Made from durable borosilicate glass, Bibs Bottles won't change shape, discolor, or fade over time, ensuring a reliable companion for your parenting journey.


Stay tuned for more parenting insights and product updates.

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