How to save money on cloth diapers

by Bailey Bouwman

 You want to save money on diapers, and you’re thinking that cloth diapering might be the cheaper way to go. But then you searched for cloth diapers and realized that per piece, cloth diapering is expensive. And yes, up front cloth diapering is significantly more expensive, but overtime, it can be and is a cheaper diaper. Disposables sneak $50-150 per month out of your wallet, but with cloth diapers you can spend whatever you want – and on average, most families will spend $350-500 and that’s it.

 How to save money on cloth diapers

But, there are ways to save money when building your cloth diaper stash, and I’ve got the tips and tricks to make that happen.

  1. Earth Day Sales - every year, brands around the world love on Earth Day because it’s a fantastic time to encourage you to switch to sustainable. In April, this gives you an opportunity to save a little or save big on some of your favourite cloth diapering brands and accessories.

  2. Sign Up for exclusives – many brands and retailers offer exclusive coupons and promotions in our spaces, for some it might be a discount code to join our newsletter, or for others an exclusive code for members of our groups. Engage with your favourite brands and retailers where they create community, and you never know what surprises you might discover in terms of coupons, clearance, and more.

  3. Grab the Big Book of Cloth Diaper Coupons – stop waiting for a discount and searching the web for the best prices, best promotional code and have everything you need in one pdf file. Serious. You’ll even get a coupon to save on cloth diapers with Nest & Sprout! That means you can grab a Loomeyfrom me, and then your favourite diaper from another retailer or brand directly. We are one of the only Canadian retailers of the exclusive Australian Cloth Diaper Dryer – the Loomey.

 PS. Love the Cloth Diaper Podcast? Save 10% off my book, and future merchandise at Nest & Sprout, the new official source for all Cloth Diaper Podcast Merchandise and more. 

About the Big Book of Cloth Diaper Coupons

Compiled by Jenn, the blogger at All About Cloth Diapers, this book includes dozens of coupons to your favourite cloth diaper brands and retailers. Some of these coupons are better than any sale they offer!

This is a one stop shop for the biggest brands, the best retailers, and everything small business in the cloth diaper industry across North America. You can save with both Canadian and American retailers and cloth diaper brands.

The Big Book of Cloth Diaper Coupons launches on June 10, 2022 and only costs $12.95 USD. With discounts of 10-30%, and the average stash costing 300-500, you’ll easily save more than the cost of the book, and learn about so many incredible products, brands and businesses you didn’t know about until then.

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