7 Ways to Prepare for Your Maternity Session

by Bailey Bouwman

First off – congrats! What a beautiful adventure you are on! I remember so vividly, when I was pregnant, being stressed and anxious about whether I should get a maternity session, who to choose to capture the images, and how I would work up enough energy to find an outfit, brush my hair, and pretend to be excited during this whirlwind of a time. It was chaos.

I don’t want you to have to go through all of that. I am a true believer that we should absolutely, one-hundred-and-fifty- percent, commemorate the most beautiful times in our life with photos. The fleeting moments of pregnancy are filled with so much emotion. Those moments deserve being remembered forever. 

Here are 7 ways you can prepare for your maternity session. 

1. Choose your Photographer.
2. Book your session early.
3. Decide on location.
4. Decide who will be joining you.
5. Pamper yourself.
6. Choose your outfits.
7. Don’t stress.

Choose your Photographer. Every photographer is different which is perfect because every momma-to-be is different too!

Head to Instagram, Facebook, talk to your friends, and decide your photographer based on a style you love – whether that be lifestyle, posed, dark, light, or anything and everything in between.

 I suggest that you consider your future sessions when booking a maternity photographer as well. Do you they offer newborn photos? Will they shoot your future (yearly!) family photos updates? Do they shoot outdoor, indoor or both?

Book your session early. Most maternity sessions take place when momma is 30 to 36 weeks.

The best time is when you are pregnant enough that your babe-to-be is the star of the show – but you are not so pregnant that the poses are torture, or the session has to be rushed to beat the fatigue.
You will want to consider booking your session with your chosen photographer around 20 weeks. This ensures you will get a session with your chosen photographer and gives you enough time to prepare for you and babe’s first photoshoot!

Decide on location. Most photographers choose locations for you based on their experience, the season, the time of day, and the aesthetic of their portfolio.

If you have a particular aesthetic you are wanting in your maternity photos (for example: in-home, in-studio, forest, lake, field, or urban), absolutely have this conversation with your photographer.

Decide who will be joining you.  Do you want to have photos with your significant other? Do you have other children you want to have part of your shoot? Do you have any animals who are excited to be gaining a tiny-human-sibling?

Pro Tip:  your photographer may want to divide your session between images of you and your fam, a couples portion, and just you and that babe. You may want to consider bringing someone along to your session who can care for your other child(ren) while we dedicate time to the couples portion of the shoot.

Pamper yourself. Professional hair and makeup artists are trained to help you be your best self for your investment of photos. I recommend chatting with your photographer about who they hire for their clients because your photographer and local vendors have an existing working relationship and will be able to work together to navigate and schedule your session with all the pieces taken into account.

Choose your outfits. The most important part of this section is BE COMFORTABLE.

I suggest neutral, solid and simple colours that compliment your growing belly, the location, the aesthetic of the photographer’s portfolio, and your family’s outfit choices. Ask your photographer about what they recommend, where they recommend you shop, or whether they have a selection within their client closet to get your started <3

Don’t stress.  Last but absolutely not least – DON’T STRESS. I hope these tips were helpful for your upcoming shoot and if you have any other tips that helped you through yours – let us know in the comments below.

Veronique Gauthier

Cedar + Oak Photography

Veronique, though most people call her V, is a professional photographer in Prince George, BC.

V is a lifestyle photographer capturing all your family moments, from bellies to family photo sessions both outside and in her studio.

Find V on her socials below: 

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