Halloween Baby Announcements Spooktacular Ideas to Share the News!

by Bailey Bouwman

Are you expecting a little one and planning to announce your pregnancy during the Halloween season? Embracing the spooky spirit of the holiday can make your baby announcement even more memorable and fun - whether you bust out the letter board, of need a social media caption to announce your pregnancy - we've got a few ideas. 

I wish I could say as a Canadian maternity shop, I had super cute maternity tees for halloween pregnancy announcements, but I don't. 

Halloween Baby Announcements Spooktacular Ideas to Share the News!

To help you out, we've compiled a list of Halloween-themed baby announcement ideas that are sure to get your friends and family excited for your upcoming arrival.

Halloween-themed baby announcements:

  1. It's no trick, just a sweet little treat! Our little monster is joining the family on Halloween night
  2. Candy, treats & baby feet. Baby [Last Name] is due this Halloween.
  3. Trick or Treat, our family is growing by two feet.
  4. We're brewing up something magical! Our little witch or wizard is arriving just in time for Halloween
  5. New little Boo!
  6. Our little boo is joining us this Halloween! Get ready for some adorable scares
  7. Beware, the cutest ghoul is on its way! Baby [Last Name] is due this Halloween
  8. Creature of the night, coming soon.
  9. No Trick, just treat. Our family is growing by two feet.
  10. We're adding a little pumpkin to our patch.
  11. Expecting a little pumpkin. Baby [Last Name] is coming this Halloween. 
  12. A little pumpkin is on its way to bring joy this Halloween season!
  13. We've been keeping a spooky little secret. Baby [Last Name] is coming this Halloween
  14. Get ready for a spooktacular addition to our family! Baby [Last Name] is coming this Halloween
  15. Get Ready to Fall in Love. Baby [Last Name] is coming this October. 
  16. October 31st just got a whole lot sweeter! Our little pumpkin is due on Halloween
  17. We're adding a little monster to our haunted house this Halloween! Baby [Last Name] is coming soon.

And of course, if you're announcing Twins this Halloween

  1. Double the treats, double the fun! Our twins are brewing, arriving this Halloween!

Congratulations on discovering the perfect Halloween-inspired baby announcement idea!

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We hope our list has sparked your creativity and added excitement to your upcoming arrival. Remember, the key to a successful baby announcement is to infuse it with your unique personality and style.

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