Gift Guide: Baby’s First Stocking Stuffers

by Bailey Bouwman

Baby’s first Christmas is an extra special holiday whether your newest is just days old or about to turn one. They are sweet memories of a holiday season that you’ll cherish forever and finding the perfect christmas gift for baby's first christmas, and today we’re going to talk about our favourite stocking stuffers for Baby’s First Christmas.

Today is answering the age old question “what can I put inside baby’s stocking for Christmas?”

Baby’s First Stocking Stuffers

Now, we all have different stocking stuffer traditions; so you might find baby gifts on this list that don’t jive with your family. That’s cool. Let me know in the comments, do you wrap your stocking stuffers? My mom does, but I don’t.

Some of these things you’ll want to remove from the package to fit into your stocking, but they will fit. 

Baby Accessories for Baby’s First Stocking 

Toys for Baby’s First Stocking

Food & More for Baby’s First Stockings

Diapering & Baby Care products for Baby’s First Stocking 

Clothing Ideas for Baby’s First Stocking 

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