We Switched!

by Bailey Bouwman

Canadian maternity retailer, Nest & Sprout Maternity has made the switch to a more eco-friendly mailer from Friendly Mailer.

 As our small business grows to serve more parents across Canada, we have needed a better option to ship maternity and breastfeeding clothes to your door.  Nest & Sprout Maternity is a Canadian maternity shop built on many passions. Over the years, we have worked diligently to source Canadian products as much as we can and seek out ways to reduce our environmental footprint. We are always looking for better ways to more sustainable.

Sustainability is nuisance conversation with many intricate layers. Sometimes the choices made are just ‘better than the standard.’

About Friendly Mailers

Friendly Mailer is a Canadian-based company providing small businesses like us with eco-friendly packaging options.

Our new mint-coloured mailers are an eco-friendly biodegradable mailer that is tear proof, strong, water resistant and composable. Mailers are made from D2W biodegradable material which in the presence of oxygen is biodegradable in the open environment.

About Friendly Mailers

Reuse before Composting

While switching to a biodegradable mailer helps reduce the overall waste impact, we still want to encourage you to reuse the product until it can no longer be used. Cut the mailer open kindly when receiving your maternity or breastfeeding clothes, and reuse when returning products or shipping a gift to your friend across town.

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