Exploring the World of Makedo: A Comprehensive Guide to Kits and Tools

by Bailey Bouwman

Sometimes when you ask for something, I can deliver and this week the request was to bring in Makedo. As seen on many viral Tiktoks this brand is making waves and the perfect choice for the holiday season, and cold winter months where we spend way too much time inside. 

If you haven’t seen or heard about Makedo, it’s a tool for cardboard construction. 

Makedo is all about fostering creativity through the magical world of cardboard construction – a world where children can transform simple cardboard into extraordinary works of art and functional wonders. With Makedo, children can dive headfirst into the joy of making, learning, and discovering – all while having an absolute blast.

I was a little confused when I did my first order, but now that I’ve gone through the products, we’re going to help you make the right choice and break down for you here. There’s three kits for families, and then the Invent Kit which is really for educators and larger groups. At this time the Discover Kit is unavailable and on backorder for everyone.

About Makedo

In 2008, PJ, with a background in toy design, embarked on a design adventure driven by the desire to create something that wouldn't end up in landfill. Witnessing the sheer joy his own children found in a simple cardboard box ignited a spark of inspiration. PJ recognized the potential of this humble material to elevate play and imagination to new heights, and thus, Makedo was born.

At the heart of Makedo are tools designed specifically for children and cardboard. These tools empower kids to transform cardboard into imaginative creations, fostering creativity and hands-on learning.

Safety Standards:

Makedo is committed to safety. All products undergo rigorous testing by independent laboratories to meet global toy standards, ensuring the highest level of safety for children. Makedo proudly conforms to various international safety standards, including USA CPSIA and ASTM F963, European EN-71, Australia and New Zealand AS/NZS 8124, and Canada SOR/2011-17. Moreover, Makedo products are free from PVC, BPA, Phthalates, and Lead, prioritizing the well-being of children.

Environmental Responsibility:

While Makedo is made in China using virgin plastic, its commitment to environmental responsibility goes beyond the surface. Makedo utilizes different types of plastic materials selected for their functional suitability. The company actively explores recycling options for various plastic components, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Plastic Negative Philosophy:

Makedo's philosophy revolves around developing a deep understanding of upcycling and instilling in children the ability to create and recreate their own toys with cardboard and minimal plastic. Makedo sees itself as "plastic negative" because it recognizes the transient nature of many plastic toys and aims to make a positive impact by fostering sustainability thinking in future generations. While the short-term use of plastic is necessary for product functionality and safety compliance, Makedo is actively engaged in ongoing research to reduce its reliance on virgin plastic, aligning with its commitment to a sustainable future.

Makedo Family-Sized Kits

Discover the perfect Makedo kit for your family's creative adventures. These family-sized kits provide everything you need to dive into the world of cardboard crafting together.


Recommended Number of Makers


Makedo Explore Kit

1-2 Makers

1 x Safe-Saw

 1 x Scru-Driver

 36 x Scru (connects 1-3 layers)

12 x Scru+ (connects 3-5 layers)

 1 x BONUS Mini-Too

All packed in a handy carry & store toolbox.

Makedo Discover Kit

2-5 Makers

2 x Safe-Saw

 1 x Scru-Driver

1 x Fold-Roller

90 x Scru (connects 1-3 layers)

30 x Scru+ (connects 3-5 layers)

 2 x Mini-Tool

 All packed in a handy carry & store toolbox.

Makedo Starter Kit

1 Maker or Top-Up

28 x Scru (connects 1-3 layers

 7 x Scru+ (connects 3-5 layers)

 1 x Mini-Tool


The Makedo Invent Kit: Your Ultimate Educational Resource 

Discover the Makedo Invent Kit, your go-to educational resource designed to inspire boundless creativity. With 360 pieces at your fingertips, this kit is a powerhouse for larger groups, making it an ideal choice for educators, workshops, and creative classrooms.

What's Inside:

  • 14 x SAFE-SAW
  • 240 x SCRU (connects 1-3 layers)
  • 80 x SCRU+ (connects 3-5 layers)
  • 12 x MINI-TOOL

Tools of the Trade: Elevate Your Crafting Experience

Let's explore the essential Makedo tools available at Nest & Sprout in Prince George, BC – each one designed to enhance your crafting experience and unlock new levels of creative potential. These tools are available in the kits above, and sold separately. You can customize the tools and products you need for your family size. 

The Fold Roller: Precision in Your Hands

The Fold Roller is your key to precise, controlled manipulation of cardboard. With its toothed wheel, you can effortlessly create simple linear folds or intricate organic contours. This tool empowers you to shape cardboard with firm precision, and the dashed lines it leaves behind are your guide to perfect folds.

The Safe Saw: Cut with Confidence

Say goodbye to sharp edges and paper cuts – the Safe Saw is here to revolutionize cardboard cutting. This steel blade tool ensures swift and safe cardboard cutting, with no risk to your fingers. Plus, the cut edge of the cardboard is softened, eliminating those pesky cardboard paper cuts. It's aptly named the "Safe Saw" for a reason!

The Scru Driver: Connect with Ease

When it's time to connect cardboard layers, the Scru Driver comes to your aid. Simply punch a hole through the material, insert a Makedo Scru or Scru+ into the socket on the end of the Scru Driver, and with a few quick turns, your cardboard pieces are securely joined. It's as easy as righty tighty, lefty loosey.

The Mini Tool: A Compact Powerhouse

The Mini Tool replicates the functions of a Scru Driver to punch and screw with ease. Suited for group projects and collaborations, this compact tool is a versatile addition to your crafting arsenal. It's perfect for hands-on learning activities and allows many hands to work together seamlessly.

The Versatile SCRU and SCRU+ Options

In the world of Makedo, crafting is all about versatility, and the SCRU and SCRU+ options are the perfect embodiment of that flexibility. These innovative connectors are available in both bulk orders and combo kits, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your creative needs.

SCRU: Connect with Precision

SCRU+: Elevate Your Creations

1-3 layers of corrugated cardboard. 3-5 layers of corrugated cardboard


Discover the World of Makedo at Nest & Sprout

My family is just as excited as you about this new product to the shop. I know we’ve been known as the local baby store, but we have fantastic things for big kids too - like this collection form Makedo. 

My husband has been exploring their 3D designs for hinges and other parts - and you can definitely check that out too to expand your collection and creativity. 

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