Explore Canadian-Made Sleep Sacks Like Kyte Baby at Nest & Sprout

by Bailey Bouwman

We get asked regularly for Kyte Baby sleep sacks, and while we don't doubt they are awesome as a Canadian boutique in Prince George, BC it's so much easier for us to shop with Canadian brands and products. And our sleep sack collection features so many great products we want you to consider instead of Kyte Baby - just give them a chance, they don't have the marketing budget or international influence, but they do have quality comfort you'll love. 

Discovering Canadian Alternatives:

Loulou Lollipop: Experience the blend of comfort and sustainability with Loulou Lollipop sleep sacks, uniquely crafted in Richmond. Made with TENCEL, it captures the softness akin to bamboo while embracing eco-friendly manufacturing practices. The perfect choice for conscious parents seeking the best for their little ones.

If you're looking for that soft bamboo feel, then Loulou Lollipop 1 TOG & 2 TOG are likely your best bet. They often feature solid prints in their winter collection, but their prints are always cute and always on point. This is one of our best selling bags for it's overall comfort and durability for families. 

Nest Designs: Embrace the versatility of sleep sacks from Nest Designs, proudly made with organic cotton or bamboo blends. Whether you prefer swaddle, footed, or classic styles, Nest Designs offers thoughtful features like removable wings and sleeves, ensuring functionality meets comfort.

Nest Designs also has a bag with a soft bamboo feel, but their cotton bags will also have you rethinking your relationship with cotton. Cotton can be and is soft.

One thing that makes Nest Designs unique is they feature a swaddle bag with removable wings, a sleep bag with removable arms, a robust collection of sleep suits, and sleepwear for both kids and parents. Nest Designs sources the best materials, designs with comfort in mind, and is a product that families have continued to switch to.

Nest Designs has started releasing Pantone Collections in each season that provides you with an option for solids alongside their seasonal prints. 

Canadian Sleep Sack Showcase:

  • Perlimpinpin: Canadian ingenuity shines in Perlimpinpin sleep sacks, offering a cozy haven for your little one's dreams.

  • Parade Organics: Organic goodness meets bedtime charm in Parade Organics sleep sacks, contributing to a restful Canadian sleep.

  • Ry & Pen: Style meets comfort in Ry & Pen sleep sacks, a perfect blend for your baby's peaceful slumber.

  • Woolino: Cocoon your little one in the warmth of Woolino sleep sacks, ensuring a restful night with a touch of comfort.

Explore Canadian-Made Sleep Sacks Like Kyte Baby at Nest & Sprout

We might not have Kyte Baby at Nest & Sprout, but we do have a world of Canadian designed sleep sacks that offer the same level of comfort, softness, and more. These products might not be on the shopping lists of the biggest influences, but they are designed with care, and bring Canadian comfort to the homes of families across our tiny country. 

You can find us in Prince George, BC as your local stop for everything baby and kid, or shop online to explore the collection of sleep sacks, and children's sleepwear. 


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