Earth Day Sale 2024 🌿🌍

by Bailey Bouwman

In anticipation of our move, we dropped a few Earth Day sales early April. Now that we are settling into our new online home, and basement shop we are ready to expand our Earth Day offerings to Canadian families - just in time for April 22, 2024! 

🌟 Exclusive Automatic Discounts on Earth-Friendly Brands 🌟

  • 20% Off Sarah's Silks: Spark your child's imagination with these beautiful, hand-dyed silk play materials.

  • 20% Off Nest Designs: Discover stylish and sustainable options for you and your children with sleek sleepwear in sizes 0 to 10 years, and adult sleepwear to a size XXL. Pick up a new sleep sack, or check out their collection of textiles and soft fabrics for your home. 

  • 20% Off Uncle Goose: Engage your child's mind with these heirloom-quality wooden blocks, made in the USA.

  • 20% Off Mini Melissa Shoes: Step into sustainable style with Mini Melissa's adorable and eco-friendly footwear for kids. These jelly shoes are available in sizes Toddler 5 to Youth 3/4. 

  • 20% Off Planet Box: Say goodbye to single-use plastics and hello to stainless steel lunch kits and accessories from Planet Box! Enjoy a 20% discount on these durable, reusable lunch solutions that are perfect for school, work, or on-the-go adventures.

  • 20% Off Makedo: Ignite your creativity with Makedo cardboard construction kits! Enjoy a 20% discount on these innovative kits that turn cardboard boxes into imaginative creations, promoting sustainability and imaginative play.

Canadian Earth Day Cloth Diaper Specials 🌿

Looking to make the switch to eco-friendly diapering? Now's the perfect time with our Earth Day promotions on cloth diaper products!

1. 20% Off Most Cloth Diaper Products: Enjoy a fantastic 20% off on a wide range of cloth diaper products, including Kinder Cloth Diapers and Esembly Baby products. These items are already priced at their new reduced Earth Day price, making it easier than ever to start your cloth diapering journey.

2. 10% Off Lunapaca Covers: Discover the luxurious comfort of alpaca wool with Lunapaca Covers, now available at a 10% discount. Hurry, as options are limited!

3. Seconds Quality Flat Diapers: Score a great deal on Seconds Quality Flat Diapers! Get 6 for just $19.99. These diapers may have small minor imperfections, but they're perfect for budget-conscious families looking for high-quality cloth diapering options.

4. $10 Off Simplified Nesting Bundle: Get everything you need for simplified and sustainable diapering with our Nesting Bundle! Enjoy $10 off when you purchase 24 organic cotton flats and 24 organic cotton wipes together.

Don't miss out on these amazing deals to make your diapering routine more eco-friendly and budget-friendly. Shop now and join us in celebrating Earth Day with sustainable choices for your little one!

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