Keep Your Kids Safe from Mosquito Bites with BuzzPatch!

Attention parents in Prince George! We are excited to announce that BuzzPatch from Natural Patch is back in stock at Nest & Sprout! If you're looking for an effective and natural way to protect your kids from pesky mosquito bites this summer, look no further than BuzzPatch.

The will ship April 8, 2024. This year we will offer free lettermail shipping when order 3 or less. With the store closing, we hope this is a quick and easy way to get you what you need efficiently.

Created with you and your kids in mind, BuzzPatch is a convenient and spray-free solution that prevents mosquito bites instantly. With up to 12 hours of protection, you can feel confident that your little ones are safe and itch-free.

What makes BuzzPatch unique is its all-natural formulation. Made with non-woven fabric patches infused with a combination of Citronella and other essential oils, BuzzPatch is perfectly safe for your kids. Unlike topical sprays which contain DEET or Picaridin, BuzzPatch is not only easy to apply, but also environmentally friendly.

But how many patches do you need to use? According to the BuzzPatch team, kids aged 0-2 need 1 patch, placed centrally on clothes. Kids aged 3-5 need 2 patches, one on the top clothes (sweater, t-shirt) and one on the shorts. Kids aged 6+ and parents need 2-4 patches, one patch on the clothing next to each exposed limb (one on the sleeve of both the left and right arm, and if wearing shorts, one on the left and right side of the shorts).

Age Group Number of Patches Placement
0-2 years 1 Centrally on clothes
3-5 years 2 One on top clothes, one on shorts
6+ years and parents 2-4

One on each exposed limb (sleeve, shorts)


Keep Your Kids Safe from Mosquito Bites with BuzzPatch!

BuzzPatch is effective because it uses a specially crafted formulation of essential oils to overpower the carbon dioxide (CO2) we emit when we exhale, essentially hiding us from mosquitoes. The patches work by triggering receptors, which then sends messages from the nervous system to the limbic system – the system that controls behavior and emotions.

But does it really work? The answer is yes, no, maybe! BuzzPatch has been tested and proven to be effective by third-party organizations. In addition, the product has received over 300 trusted customer reviews, attesting to its effectiveness.

Keep Your Kids Safe from Mosquito Bites with BuzzPatch!

The no and maybe so applies to a few different people - this was our best seller in 2022 and 2023 and we had many parents raving about the experience, but we also had parents that it didn't work for. To be completely transparent it can work, but it might not. And if it doesn't, we encourage you try our bug repellants. 

BuzzPatch can last for up to 24 months when sealed and stored properly.

At Nest & Sprout, we believe in providing sustainable and natural solutions for parents, which is why we are proud to offer BuzzPatch as a safe and effective mosquito repellent option - especially for babies who really can't use any sprays for deterring bugs. Whether you're taking your kids on a camping trip, to the beach, or simply spending time outdoors, BuzzPatch has got you covered.

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Buzzpatch Mosquito Repellent Patch

Buzzpatch Mosquito Repellent Patch
Buzzpatch Mosquito Repellent Patch

Buzzpatch Mosquito Repellent Patch

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New - Buzzpatch Mosquito Repellent Patches will be available for lettermail shipping, this is great for local families looking to stock up quickly. We can get that in your mailbox within a few days.

Protect your little ones from pesky mosquito bites with Buzz Patch, the world's first mosquito repellent sticker! Loved by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, these scientifically formulated and tested stickers are made with all natural essential oils that provide 100% non-toxic, non-spray, and non-chemical protection from bugs and insects.

Simply peel off a sticker from the pack and put it on clothing or objects near exposed skin for up to 12 hours of protection. These DEET-free and child-safe mosquito repellent stickers are perfect for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and fishing, and are waterproof for added convenience.

Key Features of the Buzzpatch Mosquito Repellent Patch

  • 24 Sticker sPack
  • World's first mosquito repellent sticker
  • Made with all-natural essential oils
  • Scientifically formulated and tested
  • DEET-free and non-toxic
  • Provides 100% non-spray and non-chemical protection from bugs and insects
  • Child-safe
  • Easy to use - simply peel and stick
  • Provides up to 12 hours of protection
  • Waterproof for added convenience
  • Suitable for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and fishing

Please note that not every mosquito repellent works for every person in every place. While many customers have found Buzz Patch to be highly effective, we understand that different products work differently for everyone. Mosquito activity and effectiveness of repellents can vary based on factors such as time of day, temperature, humidity, and location. We recommend trying out different types of mosquito repellents and prevention strategies to find the one that works best for you and your family.

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