Bringing Maternity Style to the North

by Rachelle Anchikoski

Meet the Prince George mom bringing maternity style to the north

Rachelle Anchikoski says that a comfortable wardrobe can make all the difference for a pregnant mom.

The proud mother of a one-year-old baby girl, Rachelle Anchikoski, is also the owner of Nest & Sprout Maternity, a Prince George based clothing company catering to pregnant women in the area – but this wasn't always the case.

Just a little over a year ago, Anchikoski herself was pregnant and struggling with ordering items online, trying them on, and then sending them back if they didn't fit.

After many returned online orders, Anchikoski found herself on bed rest in the late days of her pregnancy and decided to take the plunge into full-time mom and entrepreneur mode.

Anchikoski says that women are always surprised how much of a difference comfortable and functional clothing make when they're pregnant. "Your body is changing so much," she says. "I love seeing customers happy and adding a spring to their step with pieces that make them feel good.”

With this in mind, Nest & Sprout Maternity carries clothing that "will fit a woman when she is planning to get pregnant, while she's pregnant, and through postpartum. “We also specialize in breastfeeding clothing, jacket extenders, belly bands, and breastfeeding bras."

She emphasizes that pregnant women don't need to overextend themselves "Purchasing nine months of maternity clothes in the first weeks of pregnancy is how you end up with items that you wont wear. Start with some essentials in the first few weeks and gradually add pieces as your pregnancy progresses."

While maternity clothing is often quite pricey, Anchikoski does her best to bring in affordable items, while trying hard to source Canadian products such as Bedondine and Momzelle. She also carries Bellyssima, Hello Miz, Undercover Mama, and more.

Maternity clothing, she says, "is a basic need. I hope through Nest & Sprout Maternity I can help make it more accessible. While it takes a village to raise a child, it really starts with the mom and making her feel supported.”

You can find Nest & Sprout Maternity at Pine Centre Mall June 17th to 23rd and July 19th to 25th. To find out more about Nest & Sprout Maternity, head to The site features online shopping, blog and information on all upcoming pop-up shops. You can also message Nest & Sprout Maternity to set up an appointment for a personal at-home visit.

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