Black Friday Opt Out

by Bailey Bouwman

With it being November 1st, I think this is the perfect time to have this heart to heart about Black Friday because it's stressing me out, and I think we should talk about it. 

Nest & Sprout is going to join many others in opting out of a Black Friday promotion this year.  

But Bailey, I was waiting for Black Friday for XYZ to go on sale.

K, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Seriously, reach out. Tell me what you're waiting on and I might be able to give you a special promo code that you can use in store. I see it in Facebook groups all the time people asking about sales on certain products - and some products it just doesn't happen because of the brands values, the brand rules, or the limited margins.

Nest & Sprout believes in making consumer decisions that are right for your family. I want to reduce waste, over consumption, and promote sustainable solutions foremost. The world needs us to be better consumers, and the Black Friday vibes don't align.

Products will continue to be added to the Clearance section as their turn comes up. You'll catch a few new items in their today! And if a brand lets us know of a promotion, we might choose to participate.

We're also going to offer seconds quality Flat Diapers during the month of November! These are straight from the case - no inspections, as is.

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