Babywearing Alternatives - My Story about Woven Wraps

by Bailey Bouwman

Not a fan of your buckle carrier? But stretchy wraps like the Beluga Baby don't have enough support for your bigger kids? You might want to consider wrapping.

This was a conversation this week, and I thought I'd share a little about my Babywearing journey. We loved wrapping - it provided more support than a stretchy wrap and more customization than a baby carrier.

As bigger humans we fell in love with long 7/8's and short 5's which is code for the length of the wrap. My husband has our youngest wrapped in a 7/8, and myself with a back carry in a size 5. These are very special wraps we bought from a brand Woven Wings.

I don't think we'll carry wraps at Nest & Sprout, it's such a beautiful industry of passionate small makers crafting custom products through story and connection with you - the parents.

I know our wraps are neatly tucked in the freezer (wool blends) to be handed down in the years that come. They hold so many warm memories of these early days - including the many Knicks from velcro of my coat.

Wraps can be scary - but with practice they get easy. All baby carriers, even the simplest buckle carrier, require practice. Practice takes time in the mirror, but before you know it, tossing on a wrap can be quicker than finding a buckle carrier  or breaking open a stroller.

I know there is a quiet Babywearing group on Facebook for Northern BC, and you'll find wraps second hand, as well as broader national groups. I'm not trained in wrapping, but I do know a few things and more than welcome to answer the occasional Babywearing questions.

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