All Ages Welcome: The Ultimate Christmas Gift Ideas from Our Baby Store

by Bailey Bouwman

You may know that I'm on the quest to have you stop thinking of Nest & Sprout as 'just a baby store' and more as your go-to family boutique specializing in maternity and children's products. That's why, I created this short list of gift ideas I think you could bring to a gift exchange that involves those 0-99 because they'd be loved by people of ages.

Hey, it's 2023 - we are re-embracing play. Adults deserve to play with toys too. Find peace, calm and a moment of creativity with toys.

Makedo Explore Kit

Ever dreamt of creating your very own spaceship, or perhaps a thrilling ball run? With the Makedo Explore Kit, you can turn those dreams into reality. It's a simple yet fun introduction to cardboard construction that gives you everything you need to construct your dream project. It's not just a gift; it's a ticket to a world of imagination and creativity.

This is definitely one of those fantastic group projects for wasting time and building things after gifts have opened. You'll want this on hand, it's about to become a household staple like crayons or scissors.

And the best part? You can get your hands on this kit for just $30.

Makedo Explore Kit


Charades are a timeless classic, a game that invites family members of all ages to participate, interact, and have a good laugh. Our simple charade cards are designed to be easy to understand, even for non-readers, making it a perfect game for the entire family.

Last Christmas we tried playing charades with my kids but they couldn't read the cards, so we quickly grabbed this for more fun and less frustated children

Engage in a fun-filled game of charades at your family dinner for just $19.99.

Play Silks

Unleash the world of imagination with  Play Silks from Sarah's Silks. Available in three different sizes, these soft and colorful silks allow you to pretend to be anyone and do anything. Be a superhero, a princess, or just enjoy the softness of the silks.

Starting at $14.95, these play silks are the perfect gift to spark creativity and keep the younger ones entertained.

Colouring Roll

Drawing and coloring is an activity loved by kids and adults alike. The Colouring Roll from Playpa Mini is a portable playtime pal that you can take wherever you go. It is an ideal gift to keep the children engaged and let their creativity flow.

What's more, it is a fun way for the entire family to join in and create a colorful masterpiece together. It comes at a price of $17.99, making it an affordable and entertaining gift idea.

And So Much More!

But it doesn't end there. Our baby store has a whole lot more to offer. Whether you are looking for something new, different, or perfect for a new parent, baby, toddler, or a bigger kid, we have an array of unique and thoughtful gifts.

You never know what you might find in your local baby store, after all we carry things for kids 0-5, and aren't we all kids at heart?

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