Step into Comfort: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Jan & Jul Knit Shoes for Your Child

by Bailey Bouwman

It's time to say goodbye to winter boots and hello to knit shoes! I write the caveat that if you're still dealing with lakes in the school yard, or mud at the park you might want to stick to boots. Knit shoes are great for running errands as the weather warms up, and fantastic once the grass is grass again. 

This year, at Nest & Sprout we've expanded our collection of kids shoes by bringing in more options from Jan & Jul. We love how the affordable price point, and the wonderful prints that this brands offer, while being based in British Columbia. We continue to keep this shoe collection in stock all summer with new sizes and colours restocking as needed. 

Jan & Jul offers a variety of sustainable and comfortable knit shoes that cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for shoes for colder weather or warmer days, Jan & Jul has you covered.

Jan & Jul: Sustainable and Comfortable Footwear for Active Families

Jan & Jul is a Canadian-based company that specializes in sustainable and comfortable clothing and footwear for kids and adults. Their knit shoes are lightweight, flexible, and breathable, providing maximum comfort and support for growing feet. Jan & Jul uses sustainable materials in their products and has taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

They offer a range of stylish and modern designs that appeal to both kids and adults, while providing value-added resources such as a size chart and a shoe fitting guide. Jan & Jul is a great brand to shop with if you're looking for sustainable, comfortable, and stylish products for your family.

Discover the Best Jan & Jul Knit Shoe for Your Child at Nest & Sprout

Jan & Jul's knit shoes share a range of unique styles with similar features. Stylish, breathable, lightweight, and flexible, these shoes are designed to move effortlessly with little feet. Most importantly, they all feature the Me-Put-On™ elastic ankle design, making it easy for kids to slip-on and go, and for parents to get out the door faster. This is a particularly valuable feature for parents of young children who may struggle with traditional shoe designs.

All Jan & Jul knit shoes are machine washable, making them easy to clean and maintain. The air-ventilated EVA insole and breathable knit material help to keep feet cool and comfortable, while the lightweight and flexible design allows for natural movement and healthy foot development.

Stay Cozy and Warm with Jan & Jul's Cozy Sock Shoes

Jan & Jul's Cozy Sock shoes are an ideal choice for Canadian parents who want a comfortable shoe for early walkers and big kids. Starting at size 3, these early walker shoes are made with a soft and breathable blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex, these shoes keep little feet cozy in chilly weather. 

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Jan & Jul Knit Shoes for Your Child

Key features parents love

  • Ultra-flexible soles that move effortlessly with your child's feet
  • Grippy, zero-drop TPE sole that helps to prevent slips and promotes natural foot development
  • Foot-shaped design that allows ample room for wide chubby feet
  • Slip-on style that stays in place without the need for adjustable straps
  • Easy-to-clean design; simply remove the insoles and machine wash on a cold, gentle cycle and air dry
  • Range of sizes from newborn to toddler
Stay Cozy and Warm with Jan & Jul's Cozy Sock Shoes Stay Cozy and Warm with Jan & Jul's Cozy Sock Shoes

The Cozy Sock features a zero-drop design. If like me, you don't know what that means...  The term "zero-drop" refers to the fact that the sole has the same thickness from heel to toe, allowing the foot to sit in a natural position without any elevation or angle. This is beneficial for young children because it allows for proper alignment of the foot and promotes a natural gait pattern.

Traditional shoes often have elevated heels, which can alter the way a child's foot strikes the ground and can lead to improper alignment of the foot and leg. This can potentially cause issues such as muscle weakness, poor posture, and balance problems. The zero-drop design of the TPE sole also helps to promote sensory feedback from the ground. When a child's foot is in direct contact with the ground, they receive important sensory information that helps them to develop balance and coordination.

The soft and flexible material of the TPE sole also allows for natural foot movement, which is important for developing the muscles and tendons in the foot and leg. Sounds awesome, if you were concerned that the structure of a Wee Squeaks shoe was too much, its a fantastic option to share that bare foot experience. 

Explore the Great Outdoors with Jan & Jul's Xplorer Shoes

 Jan & Jul's Xplorer shoes are rugged and perfect for outdoor activities, with durable materials and anti-slip soles that provide both protection and safety for your child's feet.

Key features of the Xplorer shoe include:

  • Rugged and durable design
  • Anti-slip soles for safety
  • Perfect for outdoor activities
Explore the Great Outdoors with Jan & Jul's Xplorer Shoes  

The Xplorer shoe is a great choice for parents who want a shoe that can handle a variety of outdoor activities, from hiking and camping to playing in the backyard. It's important to note that the Xplorer shoe may not be the best choice for everyday wear, as it is designed specifically for outdoor activities.

We don't have the Xplorer shoe in stock, the Canvas shoe offers a similar quality shoe with a fun design for childhood.

Lighten Up Your Child's Wardrobe with Jan & Jul's Graphic Shoes

The Jan & Jul Graphic Knit shoe is a lightweight and flexible shoe your kid can wear all day long. Made with soft and breathable materials that keep their feed cool and comfortable, the Graphic Knit shoe provides the support and durability for your preschoolers.


Key features of the Graphic Knit shoe include:

  • Lightweight and flexible design
  • Soft and breathable materials
  • Perfect for all-day wear



The Graphic Knit shoe is a great choice for parents who want a shoe that is comfortable and versatile. It's perfect for everyday wear, whether your child is running errands or playing with friends at the park.

Add Some Fun to Your Child's Wardrobe with Jan & Jul's Jelly Jumper Shoes

The Jan & Jul Jelly Jumper shoes is made with soft and flexible materials that are perfect for young children, with a fun and colorful design that is sure to delight. TIn fact, this has been our most requested shoe due to its versatility as a summer shoe that can be worn in the water.

Key features of the Jelly Jumper shoe include:

  • Soft and flexible materials
  • Fun and colorful design
  • Wide toe box for natural foot development
  • Translucent TPR outsoles for slip-resistance and durability
  • Custom heat-resistant EVA cushion insoles

Jelly Jumper shoes are ideal for babies and toddlers learning to walk. They're ultra-flexible and lightweight, designed for healthy foot development. The wide toe box allows ample room for little feet to splay out naturally, while the wrap-around toe cap offers extra protection from sticks and rocks. The TPR outsoles on our Jelly Jumper Shoes are not only slip-resistant and durable but also trendy with their translucent color.

The Jan & Jul Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes are designed to keep up with the hottest summer days, with custom heat-resistant EVA cushion insoles. They’re also durable enough to double as water shoes, protecting your child’s feet at the beach or the pool. The stretchy elastic opening makes it easy for toddlers to put on themselves and accommodates chubby baby feet. They’re also easy to keep clean – throw them in the washer, air-dry, and they’re all set for your next adventure.

Keep Your Feet Cool and Comfy with Jan & Jul's Breeze Knit Shoes

The Jan & Jul's Breeze Knit Shoes shoes feature a perforated knit design that provides excellent ventilation on hot summer days, as well as breathable air-ventilated EVA insoles that keep your child's feet cool and comfortable.

Key features of the Breeze Knit shoe include:

  • Perforated knit design for excellent ventilation on hot days
  • Breathable air-ventilated EVA insoles to keep feet cool
  • Lightweight and flexible, perfect for active kids
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning

The Breeze Knit shoe is a great choice for parents who want a shoe that is both stylish and practical. Its lightweight and flexible design allows for easy movement, making it perfect for active kids. The Me-Put-On™ elastic ankle ensures an easy slip-on and go experience, while the perforated knit design and breathable insoles keep your child's feet cool and comfortable on even the hottest days.

The Breeze Knit shoe from Jan & Jul is a comfortable and practical choice for parents looking for a shoe that can keep their child's feet cool and comfortable in warmer weather. With a stylish perforated knit design, lightweight and flexible construction, and easy slip-on and go Me-Put-On™ elastic ankle, the Breeze Knit shoe is perfect for any summer adventure.

Looking for the perfect Jan & Jul shoe for your child?

Here are some tips to help you choose the right one:

  1. Consider the purpose: Are you looking for a shoe for outdoor adventures, indoor playtime, or a special occasion? Each Jan & Jul shoe is designed with a specific purpose in mind, so think about what your child needs before making a purchase.

  2. Check the size: Jan & Jul shoes come in a range of sizes, so make sure you measure your child's feet before buying. You can use the sizing chart on our website or visit us in-store to get a proper fitting.

  3. Think about the features: All Jan & Jul knit shoes share similar features, such as being breathable, lightweight, and flexible. However, each shoe has unique features that make it stand out, so consider what features are important to you and your child.

  4. Don't forget about the Me-Put-On™ feature: This elastic ankle design makes it easy for kids to slip on their own shoes, which is especially important for toddlers who are learning to put on their own shoes.

Jan & Jul Knit Shoes: The Perfect Choice for Comfortable and Stylish Footwear

Jan & Jul's collection of knit shoes provides Canadian parents with a variety of options to keep their child's feet comfortable and healthy. From the Cozy Sock shoes to the Breeze Knit shoes, each style offers unique features that cater to different needs and preferences. When shopping for shoes, it's important to consider factors such as fit, flexibility, and support to ensure the best fit for your child's growing feet.

If you're interested in purchasing Jan & Jul's knit shoes, you can shop online or in-store with Nest & Sprout. With a wide range of sizes and styles available, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your child. Plus, with Jan & Jul's commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing, you can feel good about your purchase. Don't sacrifice style or comfort for your child's footwear – choose Jan & Jul's sustainable knit shoes and take a step towards a brighter future.

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