7 Uses for the Kinder Cloth Diaper Co Play Mat: A Must-Have for Parents On-The-Go

New to Nest & Sprout this week is the Kinder Cloth Diaper Co Play Mat. This large 4.5 foot square play mat is a quilted, water resistant, machine washable baby quilt perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 

7 Uses for a Kinder Cloth Diaper Co Play Mat

Made for play, these beautiful play mats are designed for home and the go with a handy strap to roll it up for your bag

1. Play Mat – At home or on the go, the play mat provide a clean, dry, safe play zone for littles ones of any age. 

The floor is great, but sometimes the floor isn't clean or the tile is cold or the carpet attracts dog hair like it's nobody's business - a play mat can make a quick and easy instant play space for children of all ages. 

2. Park Day Mat - Stay dry at your next park play date, with the water resistant material keeping the moist grass from last nights dew on the ground and not your bottom. Bring it along for a picnic lunch or a place for non-movers to play away from the bugs and mud. 

3. Beach Mat - Sand rolls right off of the water resistant mats making it great for a day of fun in the sand - pack it on your next trip to West Lake or Bear Lake! It's about time we stopped bringing towels to sit on, and bring something big enough that theirs room for a snack and the kids who want to cuddle. 

4. High Chair Drop Zone - Lay around your little one’s high chair to catch any droppings during meal time. Simply wipe away any spills and machine wash, when needed. High Chair mats are great, but sometimes the answer is to reuse something you already have. 

5. Messy Play - sometimes messy play is the creative release of energy needed by small kids and their adults. Lay down this water-resistant play mat and bust open some paints, or play doh, or other types of wet sticky and slimy play and let them enjoy the sensory experience. When you're done, wipe and toss in the washing machine.

6. Potty Training - Cover sitting zones to protect from the occasional training toddler accident. Liquids will pool on the surface, rather than soak through this water resistant fabric. 

7. Fort Making - Drape over two dining room chairs for the perfect impromptu fort. Adventure awaits! Maybe add in a few play silks to level up the fort. 

Kinder Play Mat in Smiles

Ready to try the Kinder Cloth Diaper Co Play Mat for yourself? Head to our shop to learn more and place your order today! With its versatility, water-resistant surface, and machine washable design, it's the perfect playtime accessory for parents on-the-go. Don't miss out on this must-have addition to your baby gear collection!

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Play Mat | Kinder Cloth Diaper Co

Play Mat | Kinder Cloth Diaper Co
Play Mat | Kinder Cloth Diaper Co
Play Mat | Kinder Cloth Diaper Co

Play Mat | Kinder Cloth Diaper Co

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Made for play, Kinder Cloth Diapers Play Mat is a water resistant, wipeable, and machine washable making it perfect for babies, toddlers and big kids. Measuring in at 4.5 feet x 4.5 feet, the Kinder Play Mat can be used at home, or on the go. 

The outer layer of fabric is made from the same water resistant polyurethane laminate fabric as popular modern reusable cloth diapers — making for the perfect indoor/outdoor play blanket

At home, this Play Mat is perfect for encouraging tummy time or providing a defined space to make their messes.

On the go, take this Play Mat with you to the beach, to the park, or to a friends for a comfortable dry place to rest, eat, and play. 

Here's a few fantastic ways to use the Kinder Cloth Diaper Co Play Mat. 

Play Mat | Kinder Cloth Diaper Co Features

  • 4.5' x 4.5'
  • Outer fabric is polyurethane laminate fabric
  • Poly-fiber fill provides a soft, safe padding for little ones
  • Quilted for improved performance and durability.
  • Each mat also includes a matching strap for securing rolled play mat for storage and travel. 
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