5+ Ways to Play with Dena Silicone Rainbows

by Bailey Bouwman

As a new mom, I bought into the wood toy hype. My children did not. They didn't want to play by the rule that you can't bring it in the bath, leave it outside, or toss it at your sibling. Slowly, over time our wood toys began to disintegrate and break down - and I began shaking out toys that had a little more versatility, a little more multipurpose to them. 

And that's where I found myself reintroducing plastic and silicone into our play routine because it offered the ability to take the toy with us to the lake, in the bath, and clean it without worry.

Wooden toys are beautiful, and wonderful way to engage in play for your family. You most definitely should consider the benefits they offer - but you might also want to consider how and where silicone toys can amplify your play experience. 


5 Ways to Play with Dena Silicone Rainbows | Infinite Combinations

This week, Nest & Sprout welcomed Dena Toys to the Nest with their range of silicone rainbows, and adjacent shapes and colours to provide safe, simple, and smart play for kids ages 0+. Yes, a toy for your littlest and biggest - a toy that could be forever.

I say that confidently as the owner of a beautiful wooden Montessori rainbow. Rainbows are timeless additions to your toy collection - they are tunnels for your train set, they are fences for your pony's, they are a fidget stacking toy for the adults - the rainbow is truly a toy for everyone at all stages - as long as you don't loose all the pieces. 

1. As a Teether

Any of Dena toys can be used by young infants to experiment with mouthing, gumming, and relieving the tension in their sore gums. Made with platinum silicone, the same material as many pacifiers, Dena toys are a safe and simple solution for early babyhood. 

2. Bring them outside

Not all toys go outside, but you can bring your Dena Silicone Rainbow to the beach, to the mud puddle, or the backyard snow. Let your little kids, preschoolers, and big kids create scenes, build molds, or just experiment with colour in nature. 

3. Create animals

Whether it's your imagination and creativity, or you download the Dena Rainbow guide, there are so many animals that can be built with a Dena rainbow from turtles to fish, and everything else beyond. 

4. Use as a stamp

Pull out your favourite paint, and let everyone enjoy stamping just about anything to create scenes, decors and more. 

5. Stack it

The slipperiness of the silicone is a fun treat to navigating logic, concentration and perseverance as you figure out the best way to stack a silicone rainbow, or any of the other shapes and pieces.

6. Build a Scene, Incorporate other toys

Pull out your animals, your train set, or other toys your child loves to play with to build a story scene, expand on the creativity, and offer a new way to explore open ended play. 


We'd love to know your favourite way to play with Dena Silicone Rainbow and Shapes. Let us know int he comments

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