3 Must-Have Maternity Clothing Essentials

by Bailey Bouwman

You are ready for new clothes to feel beautiful, confident, and most importantly comfortable.

Building a maternity wardrobe is going to depend on your personal style and comfort. We recommend that you replicate what you already love to wear – replace your favourite yoga pants that are getting too small with maternity leggings, and swap out

I checked out a few “must-have pregnancy clothing” lists and laughed because one said we need a party dress – except, I just don’t ever go to that many parties. It’s okay to say – hey, I hate tank tops, and skip that when building your wardrobe. And maybe you do go to a lot of fancy events – then keep your eye out for that perfect maternity dress.

--- Don’t forget that maternity wear is not just for the few remaining months but also important for post-partum. You will continue to wear your maternity clothes until your body feels comfortable returning to your previous wardrobe. This might be a few weeks or months. Many maternity shirts and maternity dresses are adaptable for breastfeeding with easy access points. 

3 Maternity Essentials for your closet

  1. Comfortable Pants.
  2. Comfortable Shirts. 
  3. An Easy-To-Wear Piece.

A Comfortable Bottom

Bottom – that’s a funny choice of words  - but pick out a pair of maternity bottoms that feels most like your lifestyle. Maternity bottoms come in a wide array of options including jeans, leggings, skirts, shorts and dress pants.

Maternity bottoms are designed with a belly band for full coverage, support, and comfort. From skirts to dress pants, we got you covered. Pick out what you know you will wear and feel comfortable in. No need to change your style just because you are pregnant

A Comfortable Shirt

A great staple is to pick up a maternity tank top or undershirt that you can layer with your existing wardrobe. The extra length and fabric help cover the belly and keep you comfortable. Take a peek in our shirt collection and pick out something that resonates with you – like your love of floral prints or tunics. We have options and would love to support you to find the choice that works for you.

The great thing about shopping for maternity top is most are adjustable for breastfeeding – the clothing that you purchase today at 6 months pregnant can continue to be used post-partum.

& An Easy To Wear Piece

There will be a day in your pregnancy where you will want something that doesn’t trigger you – maybe you’re tired of pants, or the fact that your shirts just don’t feel comfortable, or you’re just tired and you don’t want to find an outfit to put together. That’s when we recommend that you have a simple easy to wear outfit like a romper, or a dress.

It’s one easy thing that you put on and you feel comfortable, and when you feel comfortable you know that you can take on the world today.  

But what about all the other amazing things maternity clothes?

Collect them as you need them. The great thing about shopping with Nest & Sprout Maternity is that we can get them in the mail and on your doorstep as quick as Canada Post allows to ensure that you are fashionable and comfortable for your next business meeting, playdate, or just lounging around the house.

You might also want a bottle of Little Miracle Belly Oil because it does a fantastic job at reducing the itch and soothing the skin.

Share with us in the comments about that one item was a must-have essential for your maternity wardrobe. There are so many fantastic choices that it’s hard to choose.  

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