Discover the Itzy Mini Plus: Compact, Practical, and Perfect for Your Parenting Journey

by Bailey Bouwman

TBH, it's been a hot minute since we restocked Itzy Ritzy Diaper bags. Truthfully, we haven't had the demand for Diaper Bags. With so many options, we hear from you that you want bags we don't have. So I get it, purchasing directly or via another big retailer is preferred, but something about this bag in a Chai colourway had me like thinking, we need that. 

So, today the Itzy Mini Plus™ Diaper Bag Backpack | Chai is now available at Nest & Sprout, your destination for everything baby and kid in Prince George, with shipping across Canada. We also got a MASSIVE restock of Itzy Ritzy products, so you can find all the favourites you love to gift. 

What is the Itzy Mini Plus?

The Itzy Mini Plus is crafted with a keen understanding of the need for practicality without sacrificing style. Its compact nature is a game-changer, providing a streamlined solution for parents on the move.

Sized just right, it accompanies you on outings, errands, or any adventure with your little one. Because you don't always need everything on your trips. Sometimes you want to grab a few essentials and keep the rest at home or in the car. I loved this practice of having a base camp, and just bringing enough for my back to feel comfortable ;)

Itzy Mini Plus™ Diaper Bag Backpack | Chai

Practical Storage, Stylish Solutions

One of the standout features of the Itzy Mini Plus is its ingenious storage design. Despite its compact size, this diaper bag maximizes space, offering designated compartments for all your baby essentials. From diapers and wipes to bottles and snacks, each item finds its place, promoting organization without the bulk. This bag will fit all of your must-haves!

Interior Design of the Itzy Mini Plus™ Diaper Bag Backpack | Chai

On-the-Go Convenience

Picture this: a diaper bag that not only complements your style but also makes your on-the-go parenting life easier. The Itzy Mini Plus achieves just that. With easy-to-access pockets and thoughtfully placed compartments, retrieving items becomes a breeze. No more rummaging through an oversized bag – everything you need is right at your fingertips.

You'll definitely want to ensure you an Itzy Ritzy Travel Pouch for easy wipe convince.

Itzy Mini Plus™ Diaper Bag Backpack | Chai filled with things for easy cacces

Chic Design for Every Occasion

Style-conscious parents, rejoice! The Itzy Mini Plus doesn't just stop at functionality; it makes a statement with its chic design. The exclusive Chai color, available at Nest & Sprout, adds a touch of elegance to your parenting ensemble. Whether you're at a casual playdate or a more formal outing, the Itzy Mini Plus in Chai ensures you're always on trend.

Itzy Mini Plus™ Diaper Bag Backpack | Chai

Now available at Nest & Sprout your Canadian Itzy Ritzy retailer

As if the compact brilliance and stylish design weren't enough, the Itzy Mini Plus is now available in the Chai color at Nest & Sprout. This limited edition adds an extra layer of sophistication to your parenting gear, making it a must-have for fashion-forward moms and dads.

Shop our entire collection of Diaper Bags, and accessories here. 


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