3 Seasons Car Seat Cover | Olive Green

Side view of an infant car seat cover with the colour green
Hands gently tug on the back adjuster that snugs the carseat cover to the infant carseat. The carseat is int he green colour
Up clsoe perspective of the petit coulou car seat cover with coordinating zippers
Grey Side PRofile of a PEtit Coulou Car Seat Cover installed on an infant car seat
Front view of the Petit Coulou 3 Season CAr Seat Cover installed on a car seat with zipper and fur collar.
3 Seasons CAr Seat Cover unzipped and ;installed on an infant car seat cover. This shows you the fleece insides, the unzipped shape, and the installation
Up close view of the ykk zipper ont he petit coulou cover. This grey cover features coordinating accessoires
a womans hand unzipping the fleece layer from the exterior layer of the petit coulou car seat cover. A baby sleeps in the background
A woman holds an infant carseat in hger arms, the car seat as the petit coulou car seat cover on top if. The rigid shape provides an igloo shape over the bucket seat for a cold winter day
Woman checks on her baby through the opening in the petit coulou car sear cover. The cover is installed on an evenlo infant car seat and in a push chair for an outdoor walk.
Woman holds an infant car seat with the exterior portion only installedf on the car seat. She holds the fleece liner in her other hand
Front down look of the petit coulou car seat cover int eh colour greeen with fur colour

3 Seasons Car Seat Cover | Olive Green

  • Designed for temperatures up to -30 ˚C
  • Water-repellent and breathable materials
  • Shower Cap Style Cover with Elasticized Contour
  • For prolonged outdoor activities, lining and insulated backing are recommended
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Introducing the 3 Seasons Car Seat Cover from Petit Coulou the perfect solution to meet your baby's seasonal needs from September to May.

This innovative infant car seat cover is designed to ensure maximum comfort and protection during fall, winter, and spring, making it the ultimate companion for your little one's outdoor adventures.

With the climate ever changing, we know it's important to you that your car seat cover can adapt to those days where it's -10 and then the next day +10. The 3 Seasons Car Seat Cover gives you flexibilty to change as the weather does, giving you more life out your infant car seat cover.

Not worried about warm days? We also have the winter car seat cover available in Black.

Versatile Design: The 3 Seasons Car Seat Cover comes with a removable lining that can be easily zipped off on warmer days, providing extra coolness and ensuring your baby stays comfortable even in changing temperatures. Its elasticated contour and completely unobstructed back guarantee a snug fit and unhindered movement for your baby.

Unrivaled Structural Support: Unlike any other cover on the market, our patented design boasts a semi-rigid structure that prevents sagging, giving your baby the freedom to move without constraints. The certified authenticity affixed inside assures you that you have a genuine Petit Coulou product, known for its exceptional quality. This is similar to their summer carseat cover. 

Weatherproof Materials: Crafted with top-notch water-repellent and breathable materials, this car seat cover ensures your baby stays cozy and dry in any weather condition. The high-quality synthetic fur collar retains its charm even after several washes, while the YKK zipper enables full opening for easy use.

Optimal Temperature Control: The 3 Seasons Car Seat Cover is specially designed to handle a wide range of temperatures, from as low as -30 ˚C to 15 ˚C. You can use it without the lining in temperatures above 0 ˚C and with the lining for sub-zero temperatures, making it truly versatile for various climates.

Safety and Compatibility: Rest easy knowing our car seat cover meets transport safety standards and is designed to fit rear-facing car seats up to 16kg / 35 lbs. However, please note that it's not compatible with evolving car seats.

CLO Rating Explained: The CLO rating indicates the thermal insulation level of the cover, allowing your baby to maintain thermal balance at an atmosphere of 21°C (0°F). It's designed to prevent overheating while keeping your baby warm and cozy.

Important Safety Tips: Always use the car harness straps when your baby is in the car, and never place a blanket over the collar to prevent any risk of overheating. The Petit Coulou collar is not meant to bring out the baby's head, ensuring optimal safety during travel.

Cover : Outer fabric 200 denier polyester with water repellent coating and inner fabric quilted polyester
Removable liner : exterior fabric polyester 210T and Inner fabric in anti-pilling polar fleece 270 G/M2
210T polyester clutch bag
Polyester fur collar
Semi-rigid, breathable, 100% polyester insulating foam specially designed to maintain its shape after washing.
Insulating foam made of silky fibres with fine breathable denier 100% high performance polyester
Laboratory tested for non-flammability of textiles according to CAN/CGSB-4.2 N 27.5-2008 (flame resistance at a 45 degree angle - one second flame application)
Laboratory tested according to ISO 11092 2014 test (Chamber condition at 20C and 65% relative humidity)
Clo - 3.88:
Weight: 0.43 kg / 0.94 lbs


To prevent any risk of overheating, avoid dressing your baby too much
The Petit Coulou collar is not designed to bring out the baby’s head
Always use the car harness straps when the baby is in the car
It is very important to read and follow the instructions manual before using a car seat and Petit Coulou for the first time
Meets transport safety standards

A hat is strongly advised, because 10% of body heat is lost through the head.

Be careful that your baby is not too hot this can be just as harmful as the cold.

It all depends on the duration of the activity and the outside temperature. Also take into account the wind factor, i.e. the
temperature felt.

Take note that each child has a different metabolism. Some are more chilly than others. The easiest way is to check the temperature behind your child's neck. If it is wet, your baby is too hot.

You must then see to decrease the temperature inside the cover. Either by removing a blanket, hat, mittens, booties, lighter clothing or simply opening the cover slightly. Please wait a few minutes and check again.

For models in polyester fabrics, the recommended maintenance is: - Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle with regular detergent;
- Do not use fabric softener;
- Double rinse to ensure that there is no soap left;
- Hang to dry.

For models in wool fabric the recommended care is: - Hand wash in cold water with regular detergent;
- Do not use fabric softener;
- Double rinse to ensure that there is no soap left;
- Hang to dry.

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    Side view of an infant car seat cover with the colour green
    Hands gently tug on the back adjuster that snugs the carseat cover to the infant carseat. The carseat is int he green colour
    3 Seasons Car Seat Cover | Olive Green
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