Cool Tips for Teething Troubles: Using Itzy Ritzy Water-Filled Teethers Safely

by Bailey Bouwman

Did you know that once your done teething in babyhood, you'll go through it again when their adult teeth are coming in? Ack! At both stages, you might find yourselves looking for anything and anything that will help ease the misery of teething.

Now, here's a little secret from our parenting playbook – a go-to remedy we absolutely adore: water-filled teethers!

What is a water-filled teether?

A water-filled teether is not just your ordinary teething toy – it's cute little contraption usually filled with purified water that is sealed in. It's not accessible unless it's punctured.  But why water, you ask? It's all about the cool factor – not just in terms of style but in temperature too.

The Itzy Ritzy Cutie Coolers are filled with sterile water.

The Cool Science Behind It

Here's where the magic happens. Unlike your regular teethers, these gems can be tossed into the fridge (never the freezer, we're not making teething popsicles here). As the water inside chills, it transforms your teether into a mini oasis of relief.

The cooling sensation on those tender gums provides instant comfort, making the teething journey a tad more manageable for both baby and parent.

In a pinch, a wet wash cloth tossed in the fridge will do the same. But if your kid isn't loving the texture of fabric - a water filled teething toy might be the next best option.

Refrigeration Guidelines: Chilling with Caution

A golden rule to remember: cool only in the refrigerator. The freezer is a no-go zone for your water-filled teether. Freezing it can turn your soothing friend into an unintentional popsicle – seriuosly, we don't want it too cold that it damages skin, or hurts your child. This is a potential risk.

While we love the convenience of dishwashers, your water-filled teether prefers a gentler approach. It's not dishwasher safe, so please keep it away from the machine. This hands-on method guarantees the teether's integrity and keeps it working its magic.

Before handing over the teether to your little explorer, a quick pre-teething ritual is in order. Clean the teether with a damp cloth and a dash of mild soap. Gently wipe away any lingering dust or residues to ensure it's fresh and ready for action. Remember, we want this teether to be as clean as a whistle!

A Cool Solution for Teething Woes

In the world of teething remedies, water-filled teethers shine as a soothing oasis for both parent and baby, and Itzy Ritzy's Cutie Coolers that are an affordable must-have for your fridge.

Available at Nest & Sprout, Cutie Coolers have been our go-to choice for Canadian families. You'll also find a cooling leaf on the Tropical Itzy Keys™ Textured Ring with Teether + Rattle.  Discover more teething toys, and shop your favourite Itzy Ritzy products with us today.

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