Winter Baby Shower Gift Guide

The seasons are quickly changing in Northern BC, and with that brings the reflection of all things winter. The store is brimming with winter boots and slippers, and we’re gearing up for snow gear and holiday gifting. For those of you expecting the newest members of our families – the winter babies born in October, November, December, and even January - baby showers are quickly approaching. 

Babies are fairly simple - and many of the items on our Baby Shower Gift Guide are applicable all year round, but for our winter babies we often switch up our recommendations with warmer, more climate specific products for the snow, wind, and deep cold. 

Let’s take a look at a few of our must-have recommendations we have for friends, family and gift givers celebrating a winter baby this year. Note: our winter product selection is just starting to arrive. As a new shop, we order small quantities when testing out things so don’t delay if you’ve got your eye on something. 

Baby Booties: The Essential Must-Have for Winter Babies

Baby Booties, or baby slippers, are one of the quintessential winter accessories for your winter baby (even babies born in the summer will need a bootie this season). Booties make a fantastic gift choice because they are both adorable, practical, and filled with this offering of warmth and protection to the new family. 

There are many different types of baby booties or slippers from casual cotton slippers to more robust winter wool booties. Each has its own purpose and serves different families in their unique ways. I look at the collection of Baby Booties from Emu Australia as offering this timeless keepsake look that will be cherished forever; and I look at the Jan & Jul Fleece Stay Put Cozy Booties for their practicalities and functionality. Both are great, neither is the wrong choice.

Elevate your baby's winter wardrobe with Jan & Jul's Stay-Put Cozy Booties – a perfect blend of style and comfort for your little one. Designed with elasticized ankles and easy toggle adjustments, these booties stay securely in place during stroller rides, playtime, and toddling adventures. Made from soft fleece, their reinforced toe and heel offer durability for new walkers, while the breathable material ensures dry and cozy feet in any season.   Wrap your little one's feet in the luxurious embrace of EMU Australia's double face sheepskin Baby Booties. Crafted for the youngest EMU Australia fans, these booties feature a velcro closure for a snug fit, allowing developing feet to flex naturally. With 100% water-resistant Australian sheepskin and a Woolmark Accreditation, these booties promise warmth, comfort, and style in every step.


You do have more options when it comes to baby footwear for gift giving. You can explore the tiny baby shoes from Hedgehugs. These are much like the popular Robeez and offer a cute sophisticated slip on shoe look for little people. This is less for winter warmth but would be great for the off seasons when it's warmer/cooler.

Additionally, you’ll find a variety of other styles of slippers and booties all of which offer both indoor and outdoor comfort in a variety of scenarios for a variety of sized feet. Shop our collection of baby booties and slippers or enjoy shopping for unique and custom finds in your local community this holiday season.

Adorable Winter Baby Hats: A Touch of Warmth and Personalization

When it comes to keeping your little one cozy during the winter months, few things are as charming as a well-crafted baby hat. Each hat carries a touch of warmth and personality, making it an essential accessory for your winter baby's ensemble.

Our collection of newborn baby hats is severely lacking in the winter department - which has me recommending the magic of a handmade item. Knit baby hats, crafted with love and care, are more than just accessories – they're memories in the making. The hours spent knitting each stitch are a testament to the warmth and love you wish to bestow upon your precious bundle.You wont find a handmade baby at Nest & Sprout, but you might find it somewhere in teh local community during craft fairs, events or from a neighbour.

While knit baby hats hold a special place in our hearts, we also understand the allure of diversity. Our selection of winter baby hats is constantly evolving, offering a range of choices beyond knitting. As trends change and artisans share their creations, our offerings may expand to include an array of styles, colors, and materials to suit your preferences. The warm baby bonnets from Elodie Details are the absolute best, and many babys just need a light weight knit to keep the warmth in during the winter months.

Winter Baby in a bonnet and blanket

As you curate the perfect winter ensemble for your baby, don't forget the importance of accessories. Mittens, hats, and socks are not only adorable additions but also vital for keeping your baby extra warm. Explore matching sets that add a touch of coordinated charm to your baby's outfit, or consider creating something personalized that speaks to your baby's unique style.

Cozy Car Seat Covers: Protection and Warmth On the Go

If the new parents intend to use an infant car seat (some do not, some go straight into a convertible style), then a car seat cover can be an essential must-have for many winter babies who need to tackle the outdoors.  Car seat  covers serve as a shield against wind, rain, and snow, enveloping your infant in a secure cocoon while you travel.

Typically you’ll find lightweight bamboo style ones like the Mom Boss™ 4-in-1 Multi-Use Car Seat + Nursing Cover from Itzy Ritzy, and more larger warmer winter ones like this 3 Seasons Car Seat Cover from Petit Coulou. Now, I didn’t use an infant car seat with my babies and I can’t speak to which one is best and meets the needs. I just know we get asked for these products. 

Introducing the "3 Seasons Car Seat Cover" by Petit Coulou:

Among our premium selection, we present the "3 Seasons Car Seat Cover" by Petit Coulou. This cover is not just any accessory; it's a game-changer for your winter outings. With its pull-over shower cap style design, it envelops the car seat snugly, ensuring a secure fit that shields your baby from the cold. The innovative structure prevents sagging, granting your baby the freedom to move while staying safe. Its design accounts for changing climates, offering a solution that is suitable for various weather conditions. From chilly fall days to the frostiest winter mornings, this cover provides the necessary warmth to keep your baby snug during your outdoor adventures.

Versatile Warmth: Embrace the Fleece Play Suit or Bunting Suit

New babies seldom need snow suits because they aren’t safe to wear in car seats, and you can create a similar experience with other products like fleece suits and clothing layers. Thus making the fleece suit one of the best ways to spend your money when shopping for a new baby and wanting to buy baby outerwear. 

Amid the winter chill, meet the Fleece Play Suit – a versatile solution that embodies both warmth and adaptability. This single piece not only keeps your little one cozy during cold outings but also prioritizes safety, making it an ideal car seat-friendly choice. We carry the Jan & Jul Fleece suit which features a thoughtful design featuring an attached hood and fold-over cuffs, cocooning your baby in comfort.

Quality layers like this that can be car seat safe, and versatile in a variety of situations are often more useful than bulky snowsuits. Heres’s some helpful advice on how to wrap a baby in a car seat safely for cold weather days.

2.5 TOG Sleep Sacks & Swaddles: Embrace Cozy Nights

As the winter nights grow colder, ensuring a baby's peaceful sleep becomes paramount. Enter the realm of 2.5 TOG Sleep Sacks – a haven of warmth and comfort that promises restful nights and contented dreams.

If you’re new to sleep sacks - this is the modern approach to baby blankets because sleep sacks reduce suffocation, provide consistent warmth, and general result in happy nights for everyone - especially when part of baby’s routine. A sleep sack is sold in a variety of weights or thermal ratings, which indicate the warmth they provide. During the colder months, many of our families transition into winter sleep sacks at a 2.5 TOG rating because of the chill in their homes. 

Transitioning to Arms Out:

Babies reach various developmental milestones, and one significant transition is moving to an arms-out sleep position. Around 2-4 months, as they start rolling, this change becomes relevant. For such moments, the smaller sleep sacks from Loulou Lollipop come to the rescue. These sleep sacks offer warmth and comfort while allowing your baby's arms to move freely.

For families opting for an arms-up swaddle, the Love To Dream swaddles emerge as a lifesaver. These swaddles offer a unique design that caters to your baby's natural sleep position, ensuring they sleep comfortably and securely. 

We do occasionally carry the arms in sleep swaddles from Nest Designs. These transitional swaddles are available in 0-3months and 0-6 months and offer both arms in with a velcro swaddle and arms out. I’m not sure if they will be available in the warm weights fo winter - yet.

Winter Comfort with Sleepers

You’ll find sleepers on all newborn gift giving guides because they truly are classic and you can’t go wrong with a high quality sleeper in either newborn sizing, or bigger sizing (many parents find they have a sizing gap in their closet at 3-6 or 6-9 months). We do carry a small collection of premie sizing.

One of our favourites is the Loulou Lollipop's TENCEL sleeper collection – a fusion of cozy comfort, breathability, and sustainable design. Crafted with a blend of TENCEL™ Lyocell and organic cotton, it's a symphony of softness and sustainability. This years autumn winter collection is absolute perfection and a must have with coordinating bibs, blankets and more in the Loulou Lollipop collection

Festive Cheer with Christmas/Winter Baby Toys

If your baby is set to make their entrance around the holidays, there's a special charm in celebrating their arrival with toys that capture the festive spirit. Consider seasonal toys as delightful companions that mark the joyous occasion - or maybe your building a baby shower stocking gift? Check out our stocking stuffer gift guide for that too!

In the realm of holiday baby toys, Itzy Ritzy's collection stands out with its perfect blend of playfulness and functionality. Among the treasures is the Itzy Pal™  and the Itzy Lovey – a heartwarming toy and teether combo that adds an extra dash of merriment to your 

This adorable toy is more than just a plaything; it's a teething companion. Suitable for ages 0 months and up, the Itzy Pal™ is a gentle way to provide relief during those teething discomforts. With its dual purpose, it becomes an essential part of your baby's exploration and soothing routine. And if you don't’ want to go Holiday, Itzy Ritzy has a standard Itzy Pal for all year long - or shop any of their loveable teething toys.

Thinking Ahead: Embrace the Joy of Seasons

As you prepare to shower a winter baby with thoughtful gifts, remember that your gesture extends beyond the current season. We often encourage gift givers to consider the seasons that have yet to come including summer months. The next season brings its own joys, and considering items for warmer days can be just as exciting.

From swimwear to swim diapers, lightweight diaper shirts to adorable sunglasses and classic baby caps, there's a plethora of options to explore - I have to be honest baby hats were one of our best sellers last December for all of the march/april babies that were coming. I guess that’s our Spring Baby Gift Shower Guide idea to come.

Babies have a remarkable way of growing quickly, but the beauty lies in the adaptability of their possessions. The lightweight diaper shirts and versatile accessories are designed to cater to their growth cycle, ensuring your gift continues to be practical and relevant. Need some ideas on how to dress a baby for summer?

Embrace the Season with Thoughtful Gifts

As winter settles into Prince George, BC and surrounding Northern bC Regions, celebrating the arrival of winter babies brings us joy and light into the dark days. That was more poetic than I wanted it to sound. I promise From cozy booties to car seat covers, fleece play suits to sleep sacks, each gift in our winter baby shower guide is chosen with care to ensure comfort, warmth, and joy for both baby and parents.

While our gift guide is a tribute to the season's needs, don't forget the timeless classics that stand strong in any season - for more baby shower gift ideas that relate no matter the season, check out the original baby shower gift guide. 

We are always curious to know your favorites. What gift do you believe encapsulates the magic of the winter season and a new baby? We'd love to hear from you and learn about the treasures you've uncovered – those special items that hold a place in your heart. Those items we should try to bring into the shop for you next baby shower.

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