Welcome Ki ET LA to Nest & Sprout: Embrace Style, Sustainability, and Fun!

by Bailey Bouwman

At Nest & Sprout, we’re always on the lookout for children's brands that align with our values of sustainability, transparency, and style. Over the years we've discovered brands you love like Jan & Jul, but the spice of life is having options because our faces and needs are different. Introducing Ki ET LA to the sunglass collection provides another choice that might be a better fit, align with you as a consumer. 

Discover Ki ET LA

Ki ET LA is a French brand founded on the joy and responsibility of creating children's products that are not only fashionable but also eco-friendly and practical. With a vision that combines playfulness with serious quality, Ki ET LA offers a range of sunglasses designed to protect little eyes while allowing kids to express their unique style.

Why We Love Ki ET LA

Their sunglasses are crafted to be ultra-flexible, lightweight, and comfortable, ensuring that they fit perfectly and allow for free movement. The frames are designed to be handled by little hands, with features like soft touch finishes and ergonomic shapes. 

Quickly handling the glasses this morning we already love the flexibility, and durability of the product. 

Many of their frames are made from TPEE single-injection, which is unbreakable and free from harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A. The lenses provide 100% UV protection (Anti-UVA, Anti-UVB, Anti-UVC) and come with category 3 polycarbonate lenses for optimal sun protection.

Ki ET LA’s sunglasses are not just functional; they’re a fashion statement! With a variety of styles and colors, including the Diabola 2.0, Rozz, Wazz, and Woam, there’s something for every child (and even adults can match with the Woam teen/adult range). So, if you're looking for something different than Jan & Jul, Baby Banz, and the products at your local box store - consider Ki ET LA. 

Meet the Sunglasses

Making the decision on which styles, sizes and colours to stock

Diabola 2.0




Best for Babies 

Toddler & Junior Sizing

Toddler Sizing

Family Style

Position 1: 0-6 months; Position 2: 6-12 months

1-2 Years

2-4 Years

4-6 Years

6-9 Years

1-2 Years

2-4 Years

0-2 Years

2-4 Years

4-6 Years

6-16 Years


"2 sizes in 1"  
Frames to adapt to your baby's nasal bridge as they grow

Slightly retro, round shape

Hinges on Junior Sizing 4-9 Years

Rectangular shape

70s Inspired Circles

Adjustable strap provided

Adjustable strap on sizes 1-4 Years

Adjustable strap provided

 No strap, or storage

TPEE single-injection

TPEE single-injection on 1-4 Years. 

TPEE single-injection

Classic polycarbonate


Diabola 2.0 Baby Sunglasses: Perfect for the littlest ones, these unbreakable sunglasses grow with your baby from 0-12 months. They feature a unique "2 sizes in 1" system and are designed to be ultra-comfortable and protective.

Rozz Sunglasses: With a slightly retro, round shape, Rozz sunglasses come in children's and junior sizing. The Children's sizes feature the single injected unbreakable frame, while the Junior sizing is a two piece frame. They are ergonomic, very light, and soft, ensuring no pressure points for little adventurers.

Wazz Sunglasses: These rectangular-shaped sunglasses are perfect for kids aged 1-4 years who want to emulate their parents' style. The unbreakable, hingeless frame makes them ideal for active youngsters.

Woam Sunglasses: Designed for both kids and adults, Woam sunglasses offer a stylish and comfortable option for everyone. With a classic polycarbonate frame and a range of sophisticated colors, these sunglasses ensure that the whole family can enjoy sunny days in style.

Join Us in Welcoming Ki ET LA

We are beyond excited to welcome Ki ET LA to Nest & Sprout.

Their commitment to sustainability, transparency, and children's well-being aligns perfectly with our mission.  Add a pair of children's sunglasses to your next summer order, and don't forget other must-haves like the Natural Patch Buzzpatch Stickers, or children's swimwear.

We look forward to reopening later this summer, but until then online shopping it is! 

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