Latest from Villervilla - Sustainable and Stylish Children's Clothing for Summer

by Bailey Bouwman

Introducing the latest collection of children's clothing from Villervalla, now available at Nest & Sprout! Earlier this spring, we added this brand of organic cotton kids clothing to the shop with a collection of safari and stripes. Now it's time for more. We've picked out a few different items to explore and build your kids wardrobe this summer. From popsicles to sailboats, these designs are sure to delight both parents and kids alike - and hedgehogs for premies and newborns. 

The collection includes a variety of products, including short sleeve shirts, dresses, onesies, and relaxed shorts. Each piece is made from high-quality organic cotton, ensuring both comfort and durability for your child. We choose cotton for these features and it's transparency as a Fair Trade manufacture. 

The popsicle print features a fun and playful design that will have your child looking and feeling cool all summer long. This is a midweight cotton, and I differentiate because the other styles launched are lighter and reflective of the summer months ahead.

You can pick it up in a pink A-line dress in sizes 6months to 7 Years! Yes, both baby and kids clothing sizes. The whole family can coordinate. The Popsicle print will also be available in a green short sleeve shirt. 

Pink Popsicle Dress
Green Popsicle Shirt


The budgie print is softer, more whimsical a whimsical touch with its colorful bird design. These birds are just precious and the carry the same colours and tones from the previous collections in this beautiful way. This collection is made with a lightweight cotton. While still soft, it will feel different than tricot cottons from earlier this season. 

The baby clothing items are available in 2months to 1 Year, and yes I know next time more bigger sizes in the rompers! and the yellow budgie shirt in sizes 6months to 6years. You'll be able to coordinate the whole family with matching budgies, fi you want ;)


For those who may prefer, more traditional? more low-key prints and designs the sailboat and floral collection is that modern vibe you'll love mixed with the quality and durability of Villervalla. Again, these products blend perfectly with the joggers and leggings if you're looking to build an outfit.

The flowers is available in a baby dress with sizes from 2months to 1 year, and a short ruffle top with sizes from 6months to 7 years. Sailboats is available in a  short sleeve shirt for kids 6 months to 7 years, and a diaper shirt for babies under one year. Both styles are timeless essentials you'll love for seasons to come. 

Baby Ruffle Short Sleeved Dress | Flowers
Baby & Kids Short Sleeved Ruffle Shirt | Flowers  


And to take these looks into summer, you'll need to transition from pants into shorts. Villervalla shorts offer the same every day comfort fit you want and love with organic cotton, and a functional drawstring. Available in baby sizes into a 6, your kids will be ready for whatever summer has their way.

Kids Relaxed Shorts | Atlantis
Kids Relaxed Shorts | Fossil
Kids Relaxed Shorts | Bloom

and I almost forgot, the restock of newborn outifts

Villervalla Safari collection for newborns has been a popular choice for parents looking for a coming home from the hospital look, and we've almost sold out of sizes and styles - I brought in this hedgehog collection for that fun neutral look. It's available in a onesie, coordinating pants, bib, and a one-piece. I call it a one-piece because it's not rated for sleep, and it's just cute day wear! 

This collection is only available in sizes 44cm (premie), 50cm (newborn), and 56cm (1-2 month) - perfect for our smallest arrivals in Prince George.



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