Introducing Villervalla: Sustainable and Playful Clothing for Kids

by Bailey Bouwman

I want to bring you clothes for kids; clothing that will be durable, joyful, and versatile for the life of an every day child. I want to bring you clothes that really focus on inclusion, sustainability, and social initiates. And that's where I am thrilled to introduce Villervalla's clothing line, made with organic cotton, to Nest & Sprout in Prince George.

This is a little different than your every day baby boutique brands. It's not super trendy grown up looking clothes. Its fun bold prints, with bright colours and comfort in mind. It's a little different, and that's who I am, and what I want. It's a brand that my kids have loved over the years, and we'll be continuing to stock for 2023. We've even go the winter coats on order


I know that many of you are looking for clothes that are also good for the environment. Villervalla shares this commitment to sustainability and ethical production, and they use organic cotton in the majority of their clothing line. We get asked for bamboo clothing regularly, but TBH we're trying to do less bamboo for the sake of transparency, and focusing on the value that Fair Trade can offer. You'll still find some Bamboo rayon in shop, but it's not our focus. 

Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, making it safer for the environment and the people who grow and harvest it. It's also free from any harsh chemicals, making it a safer and more comfortable option for your child's delicate skin. For these reasons and many more, at this time we prefer to choose organic cotton for kids clothing. 

At Villervalla, they take it a step further by ensuring that the production process of their organic cotton clothing is completely free from harmful substances. They are also certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, an independent organization that ensures that no harmful substances are present in the clothes.

I also love that Villervalla designs kids clothing for kids. You'll notice that there are defined genders - it's not girl pants and boy pants. It's pants, and pants made with the same fit and quality regardless of who is wearing them. I was frustrated that girl leggings had to such, but they don't. There is a pink, blue, a floral, and different cuts - but really, any kid, anytime can wear these clothes. 

"Villervalla is a magical world. A world created by colourful fantasies and liberating childishness. A world where games and adventures never end. A world where every child can join in, where every child is welcome. So step into the magical world of Villervalla - a world where children are always children."

But first, some words on European sizing

European kids sizing can be a bit confusing for parents who are used to Canadian or North American sizing. Here's a brief explanation:

European kids sizing is based on the child's height in centimeters. This means that if your child is 100 cm tall, they would wear a size 100 in European sizing. The sizes typically range from 50 cm for newborns up to 164 cm for older children and teenagers.

If you just got your kid measured at the health clinic this information in inches is easy to convert! 

In North America, kids clothing sizes are usually based on age ranges, such as 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, etc. However, in Europe, the focus is on the child's height rather than age. I low-key love this because it makes feel like I'm not judging my kid based on their age. But I get it 's confusing.

In store, we now have laminated size comparisons. We find that Villervalla runs a little large, but in a way that it'll grow with your child. You likely won't need to size up and if your shopping in store, feel free to compare to other brands and products. Check out their size guide here for more details. 

Most of the time, we have provided a North American equivalent in our listings to help you out.

Introducing the Spring 2023 Villervalla Collection at Nest & Sprout

As a new retailer, my collections are built with a little bit of guessing in mind. I take what I've learned form you and about over the last year and curate items specifically to meet these needs. But, I'm also placing last minute orders, and don't always get what I need or want. 

In placing this first order, I'm also thinking about my next order arriving in April and the pieces that will arrive. I think my my favourite aspect of Villervalla is that their colours really do blend from season to season. My kids have stripes from four years ago, and this years stripes would still blend in nicely. You really see a beautiful colour palette throughout the entire season - so much so that you can pick and choose from different collections within their collection 

Safari Collection for Premie and Newborns

This seasons' newborn and premie collection features this neutral, but fun, safari print available in white, lemon, and all-over print. This collection is just perfect and really bodes well with the safari theme we see with our Olli Ella and even Loulou Lollipop this year. 

Starting at a size 44cm (premie) and going into a 62 cm (2-4 months) we brought in the safari collection with coordinating leggings, long sleeve body suits, bibs, hats, and blankets. Our smallest sizes have been incredibly popular as a coming home outfit for babe, and we will be restocking another colour way in April. 

And if you have a big kid who wants to be part of the fun, you can also grab a similar but different safari print shirt in yellow or safari in green, for sizes 6months to 6Years. So often, we get asked to build gifts with something for the big sibling in mind, so these safari shirts felt like an obvious choice the collection. 

Villervalla Newborn Baby Clothing 

Villervalla Striped Body Suits

To me, stripes are one the iconic elements of the Villervalla collection because my favourite simple design. It's the design on my kids winter coats, and the design we'll have this winter.  

With diaper shirts being one of our best sellers for baby clothing, we brought in a pink and purple stripe, alongside a blue and green stripe, in a long sleeve. Available in sizes 2 months to 9 months. 



And of course, accessories and pants to match it all. 

If you were a professional collection designer for a boutique, you might be wondering - wtf did you build. Well first, a lot of my items were cancelled due to my late ordering. Second of all, ordering via excel spreadsheet as a rookie is hard. Nonetheless, we do have a collection of pants and tights that you can mix and match with any of these tops to find the perfect outfit. Or with your favourite pair of jeans. 

The tapered baby pant is here for your small babies in lilac, fossil, and pear. This is a comfortable legging with a nice waist band and cuffed ankles, while designed for the diaper. These are available in sizes 1-2 months to 2Y. 



And the Jogger is a personal favourite for my kids because it features a real drawstring with a soft cotton fit that is relaxed, with a cuffed ankle and really fits a great range of bodies. This is available in a purple and a pink. 


We also brought in kids underwear and tights. These additional accessories had that spunk of life you might be looking for. To see these items and more, check out the full collection of Villervalla

At Nest & Sprout, we're proud to offer Villervalla's sustainable clothing line made with organic cotton. We believe that by choosing organic cotton clothing, you're not only making a choice that's good for your child, but also for the environment. 

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