Introducing Avery Row: Sustainable and Stylish Baby Textiles at Nest & Sprout

Nest & Sprout, the premier maternity and baby store in Prince George, BC, is excited to introduce a new brand to the shop! This remarkable brand embodies the perfect blend of sustainability, quality, and style: Avery Row. With a strong commitment to designing exceptional baby textiles, Avery Row offers a range of thoughtfully crafted products that are not only gentle on your little ones but also on the environment.

 Avery Row Muslin Blanket

As Nest & Sprout grows our brand identity, we find ourselves searching out brands with a strong dedication to sustainability like Elodie Details, Villervalla, Olli Ella, and now Avery Row. From conception to fulfillment, they meticulously consider the impact of each product, ensuring they are kind to Mother Earth. Their manufacturing partners share their values, resulting in high-quality items that are safe for your precious bundle of joy.

We've started our Avery Row collection simple with basics that you already ask for and love - muslins and pacifier clips. 

The Avery Row Muslin Square are made from 100% GOTS organic cotton, these super-soft and versatile squares are perfect for a variety of uses. Whether you need a bib, a blanket, or a breastfeeding cover, these squares have you covered. With a generous size of 70cm x 70cm, they provide ample coverage, and their organic cotton construction ensures that your little one's delicate skin is always cared for.

Another must-have from Avery Row is the Muslin Swaddle. Crafted from the same luxurious organic cotton, these swaddles are lightweight, breathable, and extra-large at 120cm x 120cm. They make for an ideal blanket for swaddling your baby, whether at home or on the go. The versatility of these swaddles extends to their use as breastfeeding covers or buggy covers, making them an essential item for any new parent.

Avery Row Muslin Swaddles

Muslin Squares Muslin Swaddles
100% GOTS organic cotton 100% GOTS organic cotton
70cm x 70cm 120cm x 120cm
Wiping spills, bib, blanket, breastfeeding cover Swaddling, blanket, breastfeeding cover, buggy cover
Multiple uses for various needs Swaddling, on-the-go blanket, versatile cover
Set of 3 muslin squares Individually bundled in a belly band
Tumble dry on low heat


Avery Row also offers a super sweet Pacifier Clip! The Sweetie Soother is our best selling pacifier clip, but we know that parents are looking for non-silicone options fro their family. The Avery Row pacifier clip is a practical pacifier accessory designed to keep your little one's pacifier within easy reach with a GOTS Cotton strap and a natural wood clip and a silicone ring.

Cotton Pacifier Clip - Avery Row

At Nest & Sprout, we are thrilled to add Avery Row to the shop. At the trade show earlier this year, I fell in love with their soft designs and quality in production. It's been many months waiting for this brand, and we're excited to continue to add new products as the seasons change and the shop continues to grow.

We value your feedback and suggestions, so please feel free to share your recommendations for new products and experiences you would like to see at Nest & Sprout in Prince George, BC. Together, let's create a nurturing and eco-conscious world for our precious little ones.

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Avery Row Muslin Squares- Set of 3 | Final Sale

Avery Row Muslin Squares- Set of 3 | Final Sale
Avery Row Muslin Squares- Set of 3 | Final Sale
Avery Row Muslin Squares- Set of 3 | Final Sale
Avery Row Muslin Squares- Set of 3 | Final Sale
Avery Row Muslin Squares- Set of 3 | Final Sale
Avery Row Muslin Squares- Set of 3 | Final Sale
Avery Row Muslin Squares- Set of 3 | Final Sale
Avery Row Muslin Squares- Set of 3 | Final Sale
Avery Row Muslin Squares- Set of 3 | Final Sale
Avery Row Muslin Squares- Set of 3 | Final Sale

Avery Row Muslin Squares- Set of 3 | Final Sale

Regular price $35.99 Sale price $24.99 Save 31%

Introducing Avery Row  Organic Cotton Baby Muslin Squares – a bundle of softness and versatility designed to cater to the myriad needs of new parents. Made from 100% GOTS organic cotton, these swaddle squares redefine comfort and practicality.

Key Features:

  • Super Soft: Crafted with care, these muslin squares offer a gentle touch, making them ideal for a range of uses.

  • Infinite Uses: Whether it's wiping spills, doubling as a bib or blanket, or managing dribbles, these squares are a must-have for every parent.

  • Baby Essentials: An essential addition to your baby's care routine, these squares also serve as an excellent breastfeeding cover.

  • Set of Three: The set includes three muslin squares, ensuring you have ample supply for various situations.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 70cm x 70cm
  • Material: 100% GOTS organic cotton

Care Instructions:

  • Machine washable on a delicates cycle at 30°C
  • Tumble dry on low heat
  • Avoid ironing or dry cleaning

Elevate your parenting experience with the Organic Cotton Baby Muslin Squares – a trio of softness and functionality, making everyday tasks a breeze for you and your little one.

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