Itzy Ritzy's Newest Itzy Pal™ Designs: Avocado and Strawberry

by Bailey Bouwman

The Itzy Ritzy collection has been steadfast in it's tried and true designs featuring James the Dinosaur, Kayden the Koala, and Ana the Bunny. But this past year, we've welcomed a few new designs including Mushrooms, Carmen the Cow, and Billie the Bunny.

This week, we welcome two new additions to the Itzy Pal™ collection – introducing the Avocado and Strawberry designs to our Children's Boutique in Prince George, BC. You can shop these two new styles, along with a complete restock of Itzy Ritzy products. We do our best to maintain a good supply for Canadian families, but we did have some shipping hiccups.

Itzy Ritzy's Newest Itzy Pal™ Designs: Strawberry
Itzy Ritzy's Newest Itzy Pal™ Designs: Avocado

Key Features That Make Itzy Pal™ a Playtime Essential

The Itzy Lovey gets all the love, but the Itzy Pal is a perfectly cute mini version with the same must-have features. It's just right in size, and fantastic for babies.  It makes for a great add on to a gift, or quick buy to entertain baby's during your visit to our shop in Prince George, BC.

Features of the Itzy Ritzy Pal with a Strawberry shown.

1. Great Variety

Choose from an array of charming designs like Koala, Rainbow, Mushroom, Avocado, Strawberry, Blue Dino, and Purple Dino. It's a delightful way to match your baby's unique style with these lovable pals.

Mushroom joined us earlier this year, and is one of our quickest to sell out! You can turn on out of stock notifications to be updated when we restock next. We do ship across Canada, and keep our prices competitive and shipping efficient.

2. Tiny Comfort

Crafted from soft plush fabric, the Itzy Pal™ gives a touch of softness that can help calm, and provide comfort on the go.

Child holding the Itzy Pal Strawberry

3. Teething Relief, Always Within Reach

The convenience of a silicone teether ring ensures that soothing relief for tender gums is just a grasp away. Let your little one explore the gentle teething experience provided by the Avocado's teal leaf or the Strawberry's sage snail.

4. Playful Engagement

Crinkle sounds that surprise and textured ribbons that offer sensory stimulation – the Itzy Pal™ guarantees an engaging playtime. Keep those little hands busy and their curiosity alive with these delightful features.

5. Versatile for Every Moment

Designed for infants from birth and up, the Itzy Pal™ is a versatile companion. Whether it's naptime snuggles or playful exploration, these charming pals adapt seamlessly to every moment, making them an essential part of your baby's world.

Image of the Itzy Pal Avocado being Gifted as a baby gift to a new parent.

Embrace the Playful Spirit with Itzy Pal™

Discover the joy, comfort, and developmental benefits that the Itzy Pal™ brings to your little one's playtime. Whether it's the Avocado or Strawberry design, these irresistible companions are ready to make every adventure memorable whether you travel across Northern BC to visit our Prince George Children's Boutique, or shop with us online for shipping across Canada.

Itzy Ritzy continues to be our best-selling infant toy for gifting friends and family, adding to custom gift baskets (yes we can do that!), or picking up during a quick visit to the shop. Discover the the Itzy Pal™ collection – the perfect blend of cuddly companionship and teething support.

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