Meet Carmen the Cow: Your Baby's New Best Friend!

by Bailey Bouwman

Maybe it's because I was raised in Chilliwack, and we had cow fields backing ont our school fields, or it's my mothers cow themed 90s kitchen - but when Carmen the Cow dropped into the Itzy Ritzy collection, I was ecstatic.

We're excited to introduce Carmen the Cow, the latest addition to the Itzy Friends family, available in two delightful variations – the Itzy Lovey and the Itzy Bitzy Mirror.

Carmen the Cow Itzy Lovey

Crafted with care and designed for ultimate comfort, the Carmen the Cow Itzy Lovey is the perfect snuggle buddy for your little one.

With its black and white cow design, short horns, and farmhouse silicone teether, this plush toy combines charm with functionality. Soft sherpa fabric and textured ribbons provide a gentle touch against delicate skin, fostering tactile exploration and sensory development.

Carmen the Cow Itzy Bitzy Mirror

Take playtime to the next level with the Carmen the Cow Itzy Bitzy Mirror! This versatile mirror is designed for endless baby delight during tummy time, car rides, and stroller outings.

Carmen adds a charming touch to essential developmental activities, encouraging reaching, crawling, and motor skill development. The sensory-rich design features eight elements for tactile exploration, making playtime engaging and educational. Easily attach Carmen to your car seat or stroller for on-the-go entertainment, ensuring that every journey becomes an opportunity for your baby to play and explore.

 Complete the Farm Collection

For those who can't get enough of Carmen's adorable charm, we offer a matching Itzy Bitzy Spiral! Perfect for walks through the park or trips to the mall, this spiral features natural cotton fabrics, dangling rainbow rings, a hanging mirror, and graspable ribbons. It's an ideal companion for keeping those little hands busy and entertained.

Carmen the Cow Gift Set: A Sensory Sensation!

The first time we met Carmen the Cow was in the release of the Itzy Ritzy Gift Sets last year. This is still the perfect gift to share with a friend, or you can now buy pieces separate.

This charming Bitzy Busy Gift set includes two must-have items: the Itzy Lovey™ and the Bitzy Busy Ring™, creating a sensory-rich experience for your little one.

Carmen the Cow: Your Baby's Best Friend for Cuddles, Joy, and Developmental Fun

For those seeking a farm or cow-themed nursery, Carmen effortlessly complements the theme, adding an extra layer of charm to your little one's space. With soft sherpa fabric, textured ribbons, and a farmhouse silicone teether, Carmen embodies the heart of farm-inspired nursery decor.


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