NEW Itzy Ritzy: Easy Baby Shower Gifts for Teething and Exploration

by Bailey Bouwman

Are you on the hunt for the perfect baby shower gift or a thoughtful present for a new baby? Then you have to check out the newest gift sets from Itzy Ritzy. 

Itzy Ritzy is one of our go-to new baby gifts; especially if you don't know the person very well but you just want a little something that says "hey, I'm super excited for you and I thought this was cute." But we also see Itzy Ritzy toys on gift registry all the time. It's one of our best selling items for moms, aunts, and coworkers. 

This month, Itzy Ritzy made it easier than ever to give the gift of Itzy Ritzy with two new gift sets. Not only is the packaging adorable, but the price point is perfect.  These innovative and adorable items are designed to soothe teething discomfort and engage little ones in sensory exploration.

In this blog post, we'll shine a spotlight on two fantastic options from Itzy Ritzy: the Itzy Teether Gift Set™ and the Bitzy Busy Gift Set™.


Itzy Teether Gift Set™

The Itzy Teether Gift Set™ is a must-have for babies experiencing teething discomfort. This giftable set features three essential teething items: the itzy pop™, itzy mitt™, and 3 ritzy rings™.

Itzy pop™: This silicone teether engages babies with popping sounds and movement, providing sensory play that captivates their attention. The raised textures on the teether gently soothe sore gums, offering much-needed relief.
 The Itzy Pop™ | Sensory Popper and Teething Toy
Itzy mitt™: The silicone teething mitt is a genius solution for babies who haven't yet mastered holding a teether. It can be worn like a glove, allowing babies to self-soothe by chewing on the textured surface while the crinkle sound adds an extra layer of sensory stimulation
Itzy Mitt™ Silicone Teething Mitts
Ritzy rings™: With flexible linking rings, keeping teething toys nearby is a breeze. The textured rings encourage reaching and grabbing, helping babies develop their motor skills while providing a soothing teething experience.

Bitzy Busy Gift Set™

The Bitzy Busy Gift Set™ combines comfort, entertainment, and exploration in one delightful package. This set includes the itzy lovey™ and bitzy busy ring™, designed to engage and soothe babies on the go.
Bitzy busy ring™: Featuring natural cotton fabric, soft velour, and ribbons, the bitzy busy ring™ is an interactive attachment that can be easily fixed to a car seat or stroller. It offers a crinkle texture, gentle jingle sound, and two soft teethers, providing endless opportunities for exploration and sensory play
Itzy lovey™: Made from soft sherpa fabric, this lovey provides comfort and security to little ones. The gentle crinkle sound adds a touch of entertainment, while the textured ribbons offer busy hands a delightful tactile experience

Discover the Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

 When it comes to choosing baby shower gifts or presents for a new baby, Itzy Ritzy's Itzy Teether Gift Set™ and Bitzy Busy Gift Set™ are now the go-to options - pick yours up today online or in store (find us at Pine Centre Mall in Prince George, BC)

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