Celebrating the Arrival of the New Pantone Collection at Nest and Sprout: Oh-So-Soft and Sustainable Fabrics

by Bailey Bouwman
As a modern baby and children's boutique, we often get push back on all the prints and patterns that children's clothing beholds. We hear that you want more solids - you want to keep it simple. And that's why we love when Nest Designs drops a Pantone Collection of beautifully curated solids.

Now you can shop sleep sacks, rompers and more in solids for your modern baby! Don't forget we are closing our Prince George boutique in April, but excited to be online until our new location is ready for us.
There are so many reasons to fall in love with Nest Designs, but this SS24 Pantone Collection is a symphony of spring colours that will move us from the grey days of winter, into the summer season.
Eco-Friendly Fabrics That Embrace Comfort

We have a passion for sourcing materials that feel great on your skin. We know first hand how important clothing is to your emotional and physical well being, so we work with our partner brands to bring you just that - while keeping sustainability top at mind knowing the impact of global textile production.

The Pantone collection features Nest Designs Signature Avo Fabric. This unique blend of bamboo, avocado, cotton, and a hint of spandex results in a fabric that is not only incredibly smooth and cool-to-the-touch but also breathable and hypoallergenic. Plus, it gets even softer with every wash, ensuring lasting comfort for your little ones.

Seriously - last year, I brought home their adult pj set for myself. And with a year of washing it's only gotten better. This year I picked up another set. I might start wearing loungewear to work - yes, you can now pick up adult Nest Designs loungewear at Nest & Sprout online and locally in Prince George.

Introducing Five New Pantone Colors

The SS24 Pantone drop introduces five new colors to our beloved collection:

  • Coral Almond: An elegant rose color with a subtle hint of peach
  • Mellow Yellow: A happy pale yellow that’s sure to brighten your day
  • Dewkist: The softest shade of sage green imaginable
  • Chinois Green: Reminiscent of tranquil coastal waters with a touch of seafoam
  • Niagara Mist: A delicate blue tone with a subtle hue of soft grey

As in the past, I don't usually order the entire collection from a brand because we are a small boutique, and I know that you don't always dig certian prints or colours. While the Mellow Yellow is looking amazing in the photos, we didn't add it into our store collection. We focused on a blue, pink, and neutral shades of green, to bring you a few options for the entire family.

These timeless hues are perfect for creating gender-neutral clothing that looks adorable on any little bub. With a focus on sustainability and versatility, our gender-neutral pieces are designed to last, ensuring they can be passed down and loved anew by future generations.

Experience Ultimate Comfort with Nest Designs

Whether it's our 1 TOG Sleep Bags or Short Sleeve Rompers, each piece is crafted with Nest Designs' Signature Avo Fabric, offering unparalleled smoothness, hypoallergenic properties, and a hint of stretchiness for unrestricted movement. Plus, with features like removable sleeves and two-way zippers, convenience and comfort go hand in hand.

Join us at Nest and Sprout as we celebrate the arrival of the SS24 Pantone collection. With its oh-so-soft fabrics, timeless colors, and sustainable design, there's never been a better time to elevate your little one's wardrobe – and your own – with Nest Designs.

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