Last day at Pine Centre is April 14, 2024

by Bailey Bouwman

April 14th, is our final day at Pine Centre Mall. 

I've written many variations of this - and if you're on our email list you got one of them. If you came from social, you got another. 

To protect myself and the future of Nest & Sprout - we’re going online for a few months. 

Shops like me serve an important purpose - my google reviews speak to that. To continue that purpose, we’re taking a brick & mortar time out. This is a little selfish to protect my own well being, and a little critical to protect the shops finances.

Important Info

  • we will continue to accept returns and exchanges after April 14, 2024
  • we have new products arriving at the end of April
  • we will expand our local delivery and pick up options
  • gift cards can be used online and at our next location
  • everything we have in store is online - we just don't ship big heavy things. But we do delivery them. 
  • we will have a new location this summer.

Sunday, April 14th, will be our last day of operation at Pine Centre Mall. We are so grateful for our time here, and the amazing work of Mall management to create a space that is enjoyable to be in. 

Questions you might have

    1. Will I be able to return or exchange products after the store closure?
      Yes, we are locatednear the mall and will work with you to pick up or drop off any returns and exchanges you have, when you have them.

      Our return policy will remain the same, and we kindly ask that you don’t delay too much on getting things back to us because usually someone wants that thing you need to return. 

      PS. Yes, I can pick up returns and exchanges. 

    2. Where will local pick ups be?

      I live in the Westwood Elementary catchment, so pick ups and drop offs will continue to be centrally located.

      In fact, you can pick up from Nest & Sprout and Mini Moose on the same block ;)

    3. Tell me more about expanded local delivery?
      We’ll be expanding our local delivery program with free local delivery within the city limits, once a week.

      We are all about working with you - we are also open to meeting you at Gymnastics, or the Soccer field. Delivery and meet ups within the Bowl will continue to be available on a more flexible schedule.

    4. Are you sure you’re not going to just disappear on us?
      Yes, I know that feeling of when a business just ghosts you and you were relying on them. Restaurants love to do that - but I have no intention. I have orders coming over the next couple of weeks, and preorders in for the Fall.

      The details on our next location lease is under way, and we’ll be excited to share those details with you as they come available. 

    5. But what about?
      Seriously, what? I’m an open book - you got a question just ask. I don’t need to keep secrets and I'm terrible at it.

       The last 6 months have been incredibly hard, and we’re looking to minimize our operation costs, pivot, and strategize for the community. Best thing you can do for us? Tell your friends. 

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