Introducing the Enchanting Daydream Dinkums: A Dreamy Collection by Olli Ella

by Bailey Bouwman

Inspired by the whimsy of baby daydreams, Olli Ella introduces the Daydream Dinkum Collection. This limited-edition range captures the essence of dreamy adventures and cuddlesome playtime.

Nest & Sprout, located in Prince George, BC, is thrilled to announce the arrival of these captivating toys, including the new Dozy Dinkums, Dinkum Doll Carriers, and Dinkum Doll Cots. Let your child's imagination take flight as we dive into the enchanting world of the Daydream Dinkums - this is the must-have collection of dolls from Olli Ella.

Dozy Dinkums: Perfect Sleep Toys for Little Daydreamers

Snuggled in irresistibly soft cotton sleep suits, the Daydream Dozy Dinkums are designed to be the perfect companions for cuddles and comfort at bedtime. We've been sold out of Dozy Dinkum's all year, so having these gently weighted cotton babes back in store is exciting and monumental for Prince George!

Made from 100% organic cotton, these love bugs provide warm hugs and endless moments of delight. They even arrived with coordinating bags for care and wash. We only have three of the four Daydream Dinkums: Bean, Bug & Squeak. We do carry Dinky Dinkums and more from the Dinkum Doll Collection. 

New Prints in the Dinkum Doll Carriers: Keep Your Friends Close

For little ones to keep their beloved Dozy Dinkum Dolls close, Olli Ella released two new prints in the Olli Ella Doll Carrier: Leaf & Polka Dot. 

This pint-sized carrier allows children to mimic mom and dad by wearing their dolls just like their younger siblings, or they did. With adjustable straps, this Doll carrier can be worn on the front or back, unleashing a world of hands-free adventures and imaginative play.


New Dinkum Doll Cots: Tuck Your Precious Babies In

The Dinkum Doll Carry Cot is a another easy way to ensure no friend is left behind.  This charming doll carrier allows children to tuck their beloved dolls or plushies into a cozy cot made from durable cotton canvas - perfect for two Dozy Dinkum's, multiple Dinky Dinkum's, or one full size Dinkum Doll.

Available in Leaf and Polka Dot.

With this sleepy Dozy by your side, there’s no end to dreamy adventures!

Embark on a journey into the realm of baby daydreams with the mesmerizing Daydream Dinkum Collection from Olli Ella.

Nest & Sprout in Prince George, BC, is excited to present this enchanting range, including the Dozy Dinkums, Dinkum Doll Carriers, and Dinkum Doll Cots - the collection arrived just this morning ready to be connect with Canadian households.

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