Introducing Bibs Pacifiers | Now available in Prince George, BC

by Bailey Bouwman

We’ve heard from you that you want more choices to find the perfect pacifier for your babies and toddlers. That’s exactly why, Nest & Sprout has continued to expand our pacifier collection and bring in the full range of options from Bibs. Now, alongside Elodie Details & Itzy Ritzy, you pick up an original Bibs, or any of their other styles and colours! 

As one of the newest retailers of Bibs in Canada, Nest & Sprout is on a learning adventure to learn more about pacifiers and soothers. Earlier this month, we looked into why you might want to choose rubber latex or silicone, and today we’re going to break down the 4 different styles of Bibs Pacifers now available at Nest & Sprout. 

You can shop Bibs pacifers and accessories in Prince George, BC at our store location in Pine Centre Mall, or order online for shipping across Canada. 

About Bibs

BIBS is a Danish company established in 1978 with Scandinavian design values and aesthetics. When it comes to pacifiers no size or shape is right or wrong because all babies are different.

Babies have different preferences, different sucking techniques, and different mouth anatomy. At BIBS we offer pacifiers in different designs, shapes, and materials to cover all needs! You can also pick up a Try It Collection to sample four different styles. 

The Bibs Collection is expanding, and we look forward to bringing you more of their products upon request including bottles, blankets, and toys.

All About the Different Bibs Pacifiers

There’s three types of nipples available by Bibs: round, symmetrical and anatomical - these nipples are available in either silicone or rubber and latex, and then a round base or a butterfly base. These multiple options are represented across 4 different soothers, with copious number of colours and sizing options. 

BIBS Colour | The Original 

BIBS Colour is the original BIBS pacifier and has been on the market for over 40 years. It has the signature round BIBS shield with three vent holes and round BIBS engraved handle ring. The anatomically shaped nipple is curved at the top for a natural fit to the baby’s palate with an angled tip for easy tongue placement.

Key Features to The Original Bibs Pacifer

  • Cherry Shaped Nipple
  • Most often Rubber Latex, One Size Silicone also available
  • Lightweight Round Shield
  • Shield curves away from the face to support airflow
  • Additional styles like Boheme & DeLux

Variations of the Bibs Original

  • The Boheme Pacifer - features a romantic and artistic silhouette to the classic original design. Only available in sizes 1 & 2
  • DeLux
  • DeLux Silicone - a one size pacifier for babies and children aged 0-36 months. 

Alternatives to the Bibs Original?

Many families find the Itzy Ritzy Rubber Soother is a fantastic alternative that is a similar shaped cherry nipple. 

BIBS Couture

The Bibs Couture pacifier features an anatomical nipple curved at the top for a natural fit to the baby's palate with an angled tip for easy placement of the tongue. The angled tip means that the baby does not need to suck as hard for the pacifier to flatten inside the mouth. Because the nipple is not symmetrical the pacifier must be placed the right way in the baby's mouth. Notice the butterfly shaped shield and that the wings are slightly larger on the top. 

Key Features to the Bibs Couture Pacifer

  • Anatomically shaped nipple
  • Rubber Latex or Silicone 
  • Sizes 1 & 2 - both suitable for newborns 
  • Recommended for 0-36 months.
  • Butterfly shaped shield

Bibs Supreme

The Bibs Supreme is the Bibs exclusive wide shield pacifier. With its symmetrical flat drop-shaped nipple, it accommodates babies who prefer the flat symmetrical nipple shape.

Bibs Supreme Features

  • Symmetrical flat drop-shaped nipple
  • Wide Shield Pacifier, Butterfly Shape
  • Sizes 1 & 2 available

Bibs Infinity Pacifier 

Created by intertwined circles, Infinity symbolizes the circle of life, endlessness, and eternity, the Bibs Infinity Pacifier is a silicone addition featuring a unique butterfly shape that is is elegant and focuses on classic aesthetics in a modern palette of Nordic shades.

Features of the Bibs Infinity Pacifier 

  • Available in anatomical nipple or symmetrical
  • Silicone nipple
  • Butterfly style shield
  • Available in two nipple sizes

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