Current Tyed's Kids' Swimwear Collection Makes a Splash at Nest & Sprout in Prince George, BC!

by Bailey Bouwman

Winter may seem an odd time to need children's swimwear, but we get it – swim class and upcoming holidays in the spring break season call for preparation. That's why we're thrilled to be the first to announce the arrival of Current Tyed's latest swimwear collection for 2024 at Nest & Sprout in Prince George, BC. We understand the struggle – everyone needs swimwear in winter, and no one seems to have it. Well, we do, and we've got you covered!

Earlier this month, Current Tyed unveiled a fresh wave of styles and features designed specifically for kids aged 0-10 years. We've already introduced three sunsuits and one ruffle swimsuit, kicking off the swim season in Prince George. Stay tuned, as we anticipate the arrival of Jan & Jul swimwear later in March.

Bonus - kids sandals have also arrived! We shared the release of the new Chase sandal from Native, and Mini Melissa shoes in jelly sandals for both bigs and littles.

Current Tyed is a brand we discovered based on your recommendation and ask. We've always got an ear to the ground as we source brands and products - this was new to my family and to the community. We take pride in this collection because it features local designs crafted in Vancouver, BC. Our first order of the season features three unique prints, Alice, Theo, Finn, and Mila. Which one is your favourite?

We understand the importance of durability and quality in children's swimwear. My daughter has been wearing these swimsuits for a few years now, and I love how it washes up. Even with light-colored swimsuits, the wash has been phenomenal, handling the inevitable mud doesn't leave a lasting stain.

Last year, I did receive feedback that you were interested in bright colour swimsuits. I get it, I know that swim safety is on your mind. There's a little of that in this collection - but something else to keep in mind is that we wear swimwear in a variety of experiences. For my family, swimwear is worn less in the water, and more in the backyard or at a local splash pad. We aren't swimming, as much as we are enjoying a sprinkler.
Current Tyed is a winner for us because it means sun protection and quick drying. Parents can trust in the Oeko-Tex Certified Fabrics and UPF 50+ protection, ensuring a safe and carefree experience for their little ones
We're excited to announce that the sunsuits are now available up to 6T. A size change to the swimsuits reflects our commitment to providing the best fit for your little ones.


Nest & Sprout invites families in Prince George to dive into the joy of summer with Current Tyed's Kids' Swimwear Collection. Whether it's a splashy holiday adventure, a spring break escape, or those first swim lessons, these swimsuits cater to the diverse needs of children aged 0-10 years. Visit us today and let your little ones make a splash in style and comfort!

And maybe grab a few other beach wear must-haves from summer shoes, to kids sunglasses and everything else in between.


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