Step into Summer Adventures with Jelly Jumper Shoes: The Best Alternative to Closed Toe Sandals

Withs summer approaching, we know the quest for the right lightweight hot weather shoe is on your radar. Closed toe sandals have long been a go-to choice, offering protection and breathability under the sun. But what if we told you there's an even better option out there?


Enter the Jelly Jumper shoe from Jan & Jul – the ultimate summer companion for your kids. Everything you want in a closed toe sandal, but with more function and durability and readily available at Nest & Sprout in Prince George, BC. Find us in Pine Centre Mall to try on the Jelly Jumper, or check out this other blog post to learn about the different styles of knit shoes from Jan & Jul. 


The Benefits of Closed Toe Sandals for Kids 

One of the primary reasons parents opt for closed toe sandals is the superior protection they provide. When kids are out and about, whether it's at the park, on nature trails, or even in their own backyard, their feet can encounter various outdoor elements like gravel, dirt, sticks, and rocks. Closed toe sandals act as a barrier, shielding delicate feet from potential injuries and discomfort.

As a mom myself, both my kids have worn closed toe sandals like the ones from Keens or Stride Rite over the years. We've loved them for their functionality during the hot summer months, but also providing fantastic airflow that prevents feet from overheating and promoting breathability. 

Many closed toe sandals, also provide a great adjustable fit with their straps and velcro. This can be customized and ensure that the footwear fits your kid in a way that hopefully eliminates risk of slipping and sliding. 

Knowing these first two benefits: foot protection and breathability, we can really look to other types of lightweight summer shoes for kids to achieve the same needs. 

 Why this comparison Bailey? Well, as your local baby boutique and children's retailer, finding children's shoes for the store to bring in has not been easy. There's some big gaps especially in sandals - and finding a durable sandal. As we unboxed the Jelly Jumper today, it dawned on me that this is essential a closed toe sandal but with more webbing. 

I find that parents get caught up in the checklist of things they need and sometimes in doing so they put on blinders that prevent them from swapping in a really great alternative. This year, both of my kids opted for a knit shoe instead of a closed toe sandal because it offers the same ability to be worn in water, while providing premium protection. 


Introducing the Jelly Jumper Knit Shoes

The Jelly Jumper knit shoe is designed to provide an exceptional experience for your child's feet, making them the perfect alternative to traditional closed toe sandals. The first thing you'll notice is the comfort provided by the breathable knit fabric. This innovative material allows for optimal airflow, keeping little feet cool and dry even on the hottest of summer days. The built-in ventilation panels ensure that your child's feet stay comfortable and free from perspiration, making those long hours of playtime a breeze.

Features of Jelly Jumper Shoes

Not only are the Jan & Jul Jelly Jumper Knit Shoes comfortable, but they also boast a lightweight and flexible design. Made with strong yet lightweight strands of poly-spandex yarn, these shoes offer a remarkable balance between durability and flexibility. Your child's feet will have the freedom to move naturally, allowing for proper foot development and a comfortable stride.

The unique construction of the Jelly Jumper shoe ensures that it remains non-irritating, whether worn with or without socks. The soft and gentle knit fabric gently hugs the feet, preventing any discomfort or chafing. So whether your little one prefers the feeling of bare feet or enjoys the added cushioning of socks, the Jelly Jumper shoe provides a comfortable and irritation-free experience. 

A Comparison: Jelly Jumper Shoes vs. Standard Closed Toe Sandals

When comparing the Jelly Jumper shoe from Jan & Jul to standard closed toe sandals for kids, the Jelly Jumper shoes offer enhanced protection, breathability, easy slip-on with a secure fit, durability with slip resistance, convenient machine washability, and water-friendly features. They provide comprehensive coverage, keep feet cool and dry, accommodate your kids growing feet, withstand rough play, and are perfect for water activities. 

Jelly Jumper shoes are available in shoe sizes 5 to 13 for toddler and preschoolers. For smaller feet consider a soft soul shoe. 

Features Standard Closed Toe Sandal Jelly Jumper Shoe
Protection Offers some protection from outdoor elements like gravel and rocks Provides enhanced protection with a wrap-around toe cap and closed design to keep out gravel, dirt, and other outdoor debris
Breathability Limited breathability, may cause feet to become hot and sweaty Breathable knit fabric with built-in ventilation panels keeps feet cool and dry even on hot summer days
Fit and Flexibility Adjustable straps or closures provide a secure fit Elastic opening around the ankle for easy slip-on and accommodating chubby baby feet, allowing for natural foot movement
Durability Varies depending on the brand and material used TPR outsole offers excellent durability and slip resistance for rough play and outdoor activities
Maintenance May require hand cleaning and drying Machine washable, making it convenient for water play and easy to keep clean
Water-Friendly May not be suitable for water play as it can take longer to dry Water-friendly design, perfect for beach trips or pool activities, protecting feet from hot sand and sharp objects

The Jelly Jumper is the Perfect Summer Shoe for Active Kids

The Jelly Jumper shoe from Jan & Jul is built to withstand the demands of active kids. Its TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) outsole offers excellent durability, ensuring that it can handle rough play, hikes along nature trails, and everything in between. It can even handle the washing machine! Just remove the insole, and toss in to get rid of the mud. 

But what can you do with your Jelly Jumper shoes in Prince George, BC? Let's explore some hyperlocal examples:

  • Take a stroll along the stunning Cottonwood Island Nature Park trails, where the Jelly Jumper shoes' slip resistance and durability come in handy on uneven terrain - and if you decide to wander down to the river beach.
  • Splash and play at the splash pad in Lheidli T'enneh Memorial Park, knowing that the water-friendly nature of the shoes keeps your child's feet protected while they cool off.
  • Enjoy a family picnic at Rainbow Park, where the machine washable feature of the Jelly Jumper shoes ensures that grass stains and dirt won't be a problem.

These are just a few examples of how the Jelly Jumper shoe is perfectly suited for the outdoor adventures and local attractions in Prince George, BC. 

So, lace up (or rather, slip on) your Jelly Jumpers and let your child's imagination run wild. With these shoes on their feet, they'll be ready to conquer every adventure in Northern BC.

You can try them on at Pine Centre Mall or shop online using the size chart provided by comparing to your childs foot size at home (measure by having them stand on the ground and trace around the foot).

Jan & Jul is a Canadian brand specializing in outdoor gear for your kids. Their wide collection of products is available at Nest & Sprout. Some other fantastic products you might consider:

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Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes | Pink in a 11, Grey 12 | Final Sale

Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes | Pink in a 11, Grey 12 | Final Sale
Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes | Pink in a 11, Grey 12 | Final Sale
Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes | Pink in a 11, Grey 12 | Final Sale
Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes | Pink in a 11, Grey 12 | Final Sale
Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes | Pink in a 11, Grey 12 | Final Sale
Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes | Pink in a 11, Grey 12 | Final Sale
Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes | Pink in a 11, Grey 12 | Final Sale
Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes | Pink in a 11, Grey 12 | Final Sale
Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes | Pink in a 11, Grey 12 | Final Sale
Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes | Pink in a 11, Grey 12 | Final Sale
Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes | Pink in a 11, Grey 12 | Final Sale

Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes | Pink in a 11, Grey 12 | Final Sale

Regular price $36.00 Sale price $25.95 Save 28%
Jump into summer with Jan & Jul’s Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes! Our knit fabric features built-in ventilation panels to keep your toddler comfy on hot summer days. Strong yet lightweight strands of poly-spandex yarn are woven into a light and airy summer shoe that’s non-irritating, both with and without socks. Our jelly jumper shoes are sure to keep your active toddler comfortable while exploring the trails or at the beach!

Fit and Flexiblity

Jelly Jumpers are ideal shoes for babies and toddlers learning to walk. Ultra flexible and lightweight – designed for healthy foot development. The wide toe box allows ample room for little feet to splay out naturally, while the wrap-around toe cap offers extra protection from sticks and rocks. The TPR outsoles on these Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes are not only slip-resistant and durable, but also a trendy translucent colour.

Durability and Care

Our Jelly Jumper Flow Shoes are designed to keep up with the hottest summer days, with custom heat-resistant EVA cushion insoles. They’re also durable enough to double as water shoes, protecting your toddler’s feet at the beach or the pool. The stretchy elastic opening makes it easy for toddlers to put on themselves and accommodates chubby baby feet. They’re also easy to keep clean – throw them in the washer, air-dry, and they’re all set for your next adventure.

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