Best Maternity Shorts This Summer

by Bailey Bouwman

It has been so cold in Northern BC that I was beginng to wonder if summer would ever come? And to be honest, I was scared to order summer maternity clothes in Canada - what if summer never arrived?

As a boutique, I don't want to hold onto product that you might not want. But, alas, the summer days have changed and now pregnant Canadian parents are ready for maternity shorts. What do we have for maternity shorts? And which pair should you order?

We have a few options in maternity shorts for Canadian parents. Here's what Nest & Sprout in Prince George, BC has in stock, and which pair works best for you - including plus-size maternity shorts, denim maternity shorts, and lounge maternity shorts.

Best Plus Size Maternity Shorts

Plus size maternity shorts are difficult to find, but Nest & Sprout has one pair we love to recommend to our bigger pregnant people: the bike short from Alteir Veronique B. This cozy snug fitting bike short is a generous fit. I normally wear a XXL in most of our maternity clothing, but sized down in these shorts. They are a more generous fit, and you can definitely wear them true to size comfortably, or go down a size for a little more compression and snug fit.  This is a full size belly panel. 

These plus size maternity shorts are made with bamboo rayon with spandex knit. It is a thick, silky, two-way stretch that is breathable and anti-perspent. This maternity short is Made in Canada. 

Best Denim Maternity Shorts

Made by a denim brand everyone loves, the Kan Can Maternity denim short is a fantastic comfortable choice for expecting parents. These are available in a Bermuda fit, and offer a good size belly panel for all day comfort.

This denim maternity short is 92% Cotton, 6% Polyester, and 2% Spandex. Made in the USA, the full belly panel can be folded down for postpartum comfort. 

Best Maternity Short Shorts

These shorts from 1822 Denim, offer another fantastic denim maternity short for your collection. Shorter than the aforementioned short, these shorts offer a nice full belly panel, with a short length for a summer pregnancy.

Best Linen Maternity Shorts for a hot day

It's not true linen, it' s a linen blend in these Hello Miz Linen Blend Shorts, but it still offers that easy breezy comfort of linen with a soft light weight short complete with drawstring waist and pockets. This is another classic Hello Miz comfort and style that you love to expect from the brand.

Best Maternity Shorts for Lounge

Looking for something a little more lounge-wear, a little more comfortable? The recent addition from Hello Miz is a knit jersey maternity short. Now, feedback has suggested the belly panel is a bit snug, and mama's have been sizing up in this short for more comfort in the third trimester.

This knit maternity short is also available in navy.  

Looking for something super cute?

The cutest maternity look this year is the maternity short overalls. We know that maternity overalls have been the hottest item for months, and these short overalls are incredibly comfortable with a built in belly space, extending side buttons, and the comfort you need for a summer pregnancy. They also perfect for postpartum.

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