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    The OVer Company
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    The OVer Company brings you the cutest newborn outfit of the Nodo gown, along with bonnets and the ever-famous carseat cover.

    About the OVer Company

    The OVer Company started because of a need in the beginning of 2015; after a 5 week long stay in the NICU, we brought our 5 lb. baby out of the hospital into the cold germ-filled outside world. I then realized I needed more than just the blanket I was using to keep my tiny baby protected from it all.

    Sabrina Maulucci got to work and created the first OVer which worked beautifully as the much-needed car seat cover for sweet little Olive. The OVer doubled as the perfect nursing cover. Today, she designs many other products for baby and family to enjoy. Because of the impact the NICU had on our lives, The OVer Company Corporation gives back to families in need of support through Ronald McDonald House and various other organizations.

    Why We Love The OVer Company

    We are excited for Canadian made essentials for your newest arrival. The collection of nodo gowns was a must-have to gift the new mom, and the OVer cover provides you with a multipurpose comfortable solution to keeping baby covered and yourself (if needed)

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